Hilda Bernard turns 100: the story of the lady who was born next to the radio

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He beat the coronavirus and celebrates an intense biography. How are your days today. Her colleagues Graciela Pal, Jorge D’Elía, Felipe Colombo, Pablo Alarcón, Natalia Lobo and Antonio Grimau portray her with anecdotes.

Recorded Simulators in a boat. There were more than ten hours of filming, she was 82 years old and had several lessons to distribute Doña Hilda Sarah Bernard. “I couldn’t take any more from the pain in my legs and I told Federico, my son, ‘I realize that I’m jovish because I can’t stand up so much anymore,'” says Jorge D’Elía. “With that said, we enter the boat, exhausted, and see Bernad, after so many hours, dancing. ‘What are you doing, Hilda?’ She responds, ‘I need to be on the move!’

Hilda is that, movement. Since October 29, 1920, when it came to life in Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz, it made continuous circulation its brand. He moved between radio, television, theater and cinema, he decided to rest a couple of years ago and, a month after turning 100, he defeated the coronavirus. The centenary finds it in stillness, but not in fatigue.

Patricia, her daughter, tells that today there will be a celebration via Zoom. And that in the residence where Hilda spends her days they filled a room with flowers and balloons. The actress still recites without bumps, in a row, to Calderón de la Barca. Y repeats something of which she is convinced: that she dreams of returning to acting when the world calms down.

Bernard is good rock and roll. The fifth Stone. Felipe Colombo tells it, who shared with her the recordings of Rebelde Way, in 2002, and a tour of Israel. “She was the history teacher in the soap opera, we 20 unbearable teenagers, and she, as if she were a teacher in the classroom, had to put up with the antics and hang up,” smiles the Mexican. You had to see her in Tel Aviv, “one more of the group, from here to there”, between bodyguards of the Israeli army and alienated fans. Age was (and is) for Hilda “a thought”.

In March, the impunity of the networks -replicated by various means- left her for dead. Carlos Rottemberg, disbelieving, called her and found her having lunch, “excited to celebrate her 100th birthday.” The actress is ahead of Mirtha Legrand, which warrants that permanent Rottemberg joke: “Let’s think about what kind of country we want to leave for Chiquita … and Hilda.”

The queen of radio drama reached the same age as the national radio. You know that a lot of sounds were erased from the archives, but not from your head. He estimates that he lent strings and intensity “to a novel a month, for 16 years.” Some admirer still greets her shouting “my mamarrachito”, as his invisible heartthrob Oscar Casco used to say. Another generation considers her “the best bad, the sour lady of Chiquititas y Floricienta“.

An English father (a Londoner, Manager of the Banco Nación Santa Cruz), an Austrian mother, at 17 they were planted with both of them to inform them that he would leave high school with “the mission” of studying at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art. Already a student, she entered a contest and won a role at Cervantes. The legend that she never tired of repeating was that she was advertised as Sarah Bernard on the television show, almost like the Parisian actress Sarah Bernhardt. “It was a scandal. A critic fell saying that I was daring, that he compared me. The man wrote something horrible in the newspaper and I chased him with my identity document to prove that I was Hilda Sara Bernard.”

These days he lives in Belgrano. His favorite motto is “complain inside.” At eight months of pregnancy, she discovered that her husband, an announcer, was cheating on her and abandoned him. She decided to raise her daughter alone, smiling. She found love again with Jorge Gonçálvez, producer and director, and 25 years later she was widowed. Six years ago he suffered a stroke, but he came out “with somewhat shortened strings.” The vocal stumbling block was not an impediment for him to shout before the audience at the 2015 Martín Fierro gala: ‘I had proposed to work until I was 100. I plan to return “.

Madame Highlander, Illustrious Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires, is deeper than “the grandmother” that she composed in the last 30 years. He made his film debut in 1952, in the black and white police Bad peopleby Don Napy. Her television villains oozed a poison Hilda didn’t have.

“I remember Hilda her constant dedication to her daughter and her grandson. The love of a devoted mother, hard-working, good companion, elegant, sincere,” Graciela Pal machine-gun with praise. “Her great friend was Lydia Lamaison, another prop of whom I was many times a daughter in fiction. Lydia called her Beba. Beba always came out in their conversations. A wonderful person, an example to follow. Acting was her love, but her strongest devotion was her daughter. “

“I had a German grandfather. My first memories are of him going to the cinema to see two movies,” Hilda often remembers. “I didn’t understand anything, but it fascinated me. Bette Davis was one of my favorite actresses. After my first play, they took a test on Radio El Mundo and I became a blue-eyed blonde to all who listened. It was 16 years of magic. “

Natalia Lobo, a partner in Chiquititas. “Hilda was part of the history of the women of my family. My mother and my grandmother listened to her in Azul, when people gathered around the radio. Her voice made them vibrate, fly, leave the town. What a great mission to make the housewives fly then. That is why it was enormously exciting, an honor to work with her after the story of mother and grandmother, “she evokes.” In history we were the terrible ones who lived fighting. He was the most professional thing in the world, he wrote down his lines on a little cardboard, he was strong, impressive. “

Hilda’s tone should integrate the museum of radio sounds of the first decades. Eternal lover of Casco, by Eduardo Rudy. With Those who say they love each other for example, he visited the country with Fernando Siro, a success that later became fiction on the small screen. “The kisses on the radio were given in the hand, with a closed fist. I never knew how to kiss,” he laughed in an old interview. “The noises of the horses were made in a little box with stones. With the author Nené Cascallar we did the radio drama at night in the window of Radio Splendid that overlooked a garden. She said that this way the noise of the night was better heard. And in love scenes he would send us to lie down on chairs so that the voice would rise “.

“I met her as a partner and she is an example of life. Extraordinary. She never lost her humor. A delight. Always saying ‘I’m not going to know the lyrics’, but later she knew it from end to end”, Antonio Grimau is excited, reminiscent of Hilda’s power on set while filming the soap opera It is said love.

“I worked with Hilda for many years, many times, but I particularly remember her in Rosa from afar. The days were endless, from 8 am to 10 pm, Monday to Friday, sometimes on Saturdays. I played her son, “recalls Pablo Alarcón.” In the scenes with her I rested, I did them with absolute tranquility, because she was always in a good mood. He was a person with a very good group behavior, always with the letter out, always helping. He is one of the people who makes this career give another meaning to that of being the best actor, the best payment, the most successful, the most beautiful. She connects you with the human factor. “

Hilda, who shared filming with the Americans Faye Dunaway and Gina Philips in Jennifer’s Shadow (here called Jennifer’s Shadow). His character exhaustingly repeated “Don’t Sleep” (“don’t fall asleep”). Of sleeping and waking up in another plane he spoke in his last work, Posthumous, by José María Muscari, about actors from the 80s and 90s who laughed at the grim reaper from a sky where everything was a party.


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