Hilda Bernard turns 100: her best and most remembered characters

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Of Chiquititas Y Floricienta a Celeste The You reap what you sow, the actress stood out for her versatility in different roles in film, theater and television.

Hilda Bernard’s great career spans practically a century. And it is one of the actresses who managed to capture the attention of several generations. For her participation in youth strips, she is a well-known face to the younger audience who know her for her grandmother characters.

In 1995, he landed with a memorable villain in Chiquititas. Because of her character as Carmen Morán, the evil one who made life impossible for the orphans of history, the children and adolescents who followed the strip loved and hated her alike.

Agustina Cherri and other girls from the orphanage who suffered from her in the strip, always sang to her: “And for being such a witch and bad you wrinkle more than anyone”.

Due to the success and repercussion of her character, the producer Cris Morena called her again for several more projects. In Rebelde Way, Hilda was in charge of a namesake character of hers, Hilda Acosta, one of the teachers with more experience in the school where the protagonists of the strip attended.

In 2004, she played Nilda Santillán, Flor’s grandmother in Floricienta. But in this case, Nilda was a lovely woman, sympathetic, from whom the leading character, led by Florencia Bertotti, had inherited some of her traits.

Unmissable actress in dozens of soap operas, many before, was Amanda Sadowska en Celeste and in Celeste always Celeste with Andrea Del Boca.

In 1986, he composed Amelia Arocha, one of the people who hide the truth about her origin from María Domínguez, a humble peasant who comes to work at her mansion in Nobody’s mary. The star of the soap operas of that time, Grecia Colmenares played the young and long-suffering Maria.

Versatile, in 1991 he lent the body to the aristocrat Elisabetta Scotti Di Velletra in the period drama You reap what you sow, which recounted a love story crossed by revenge and betrayal, with Luisa Kuliok and Osvaldo Laport leading the cast.

That year he also composed Madame Guerrero, in Manuela. Her character was a rich lady who adopted Isabel, a young woman whose origin will confront her sister Manuela. Both characters (Manuela and Isabel) were also played by Grecia Colmenares, leading a cast that also included Jorge Martínez, María Rosa Gallo and Silvia Kutika, among others.

A year later, in I am gina, returned to share cast with Luisa Kulok, this time with Jorge Martínez and Gabriel Corrado, among others. In that telenovela Hilda played Sister Sacramento, one of the nuns at the convent where Gina, Luisa Kuliok’s character, takes refuge after experiencing a family tragedy.

At that time, an essential name of the cast of the time, it was also not lacking in another of Andrea Del Boca’s telenovelas, Antonella. There Hilda was Lucrecia Cornejo Mejía, another millionaire lady who made life difficult for the protagonist in her love story with Nicolás Cornejo Mejía that Gustavo Bermúdez played.

In addition, Hilda Bernard was a fundamental part of Argentine television classics such as Italian girl comes to get married, Love has the face of a woman or High Comedy. With the passage of time they never stopped summoning it and thus it passed through the cast of Emerald necklace, Love is said, The babysitter, The successful Pells, The simulators Y Malparida, among many others.

In theater, one of his last jobs was in the play Posts, in 2013 directed by José María Muscari where he shared the stage with Max Berliner, Edda Díaz, Ricardo Bauleo and Luisa Albinoni, among others.



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