California is plagued by the worst wildfires in known history. The situation is expected to worsen in the coming days as the wind picks up and is expected to continue to spread pieces, writes Los Angeles Times.

Two days ago, dozens of hikers were surrounded by fire in the mountains and fire approached all the time. The situation was already beginning to despair. Attempts were made to rescue them on helicopters on Monday, but due to heavy smoke, the rescue attempt had to be abandoned.

On Tuesday, helicopters were finally able to land at the hikers and they began to be transported to safety.

“Don’t procrastinate”

People have been urged in many places to leave their homes and move to safety. Many roads are blocked by fires.

– If you are trying to get out of the evacuation area and have problems, call the emergency number. Don’t procrastinate, wrote Mendocino City Sheriff on twitter.

The wildfire around Mendocino started on Monday and spread at a tremendous rate.

Power plants have announced that they will cut off electricity distribution in areas where there is a high risk of fires.

In total, the fire zones are already larger than the entire state of Delaware.