High-resistance mobiles with a three-year warranty

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The French brand Crosscall, dedicated to the development and commercialization of rugged mobiles, has recently presented its new Core range, to which it gives a three-year guarantee, paving the way for a more sustainable telephony and against programmed obsolescence.

In the last 10 years the firm has been working on the development of specific high resistance products, which are validated by more than 80 tests carried out in external laboratories. The aim is to offer highly resistant, watertight equipment with long battery life.

“For us, this step represents the first piece of a project that consists of moving away from traditional consumer telephony, and getting even closer to a telephony based on the real needs of the user and sustainability,” he says. Cyril Vidal, founder and president of Crosscall. ‘Our brand is based on the idea that a phone is made to meet the needs of real use, adjusting to the lifestyle of each user, and to function and last whatever the environment and circumstances to which it is exposed’ .

Client typology

Crosscall directs its products to audiences looking for a durable phone, adaptable to everyday activities, without having to take any particular precautions. It is a range of versatile and durable products, for work and adventure use.

Although the new Core range has been designed primarily for professionals and conceived with the specific uses of different business verticals in mind, it has also been essential to meet the needs of demanding private users.

Range composition

Core-T4, is a rugged tablet with the AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) certification of Google. Its most significant novelty is that it can house a mobile office for extreme conditions and a mobile device for entertainment.

Its AER certification allows professionals to carry the necessary digital tools with them. With its screen 8 inches, Qualcomm 450 processor and 3GB / 32GB memory, can be used with one hand, in vertical or horizontal position; It has a dual SIM tray. It integrates Wi-Fi and 4G + connectivity and comes standard with a 7000 mAp battery, to withstand a working day.

Resistant and waterproof (IP68), the tablet is equipped with a rear camera of 13 MP allowing you to take photos even under water. It can be purchased for a price of about 520 euros.

The Core-X4 mobile with 18: 9 format, also AER certified, it is a smartphone advanced and with optimal performance, which incorporates components such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM 450 processor. Having passed more than 100 resistance tests, it withstands shocks and dives.

The functions Wet Touch y Glove Touch, allow the use of the screen with wet fingers and any type of glove, they are highly valued in an outdoor work environment, being useful in everyday life when it rains, hands are wet or when wearing gloves due to the cold .

In addition to the benefits of resistance, tightness and long battery life, common throughout the range, it is equipped with a 48 MP photo and video sensor that uses Fusion 4 technology. This technology allows the pixels to be grouped 4 by 4 (12 MP resolution) absorbing 4 times more light, thus obtaining good shots even in low light environments.

In work environments, thanks to the two programmable side buttons, one of them can be assigned to an application push-to-talk to use the smartphone as a walkie-talkie. Professionals who work in isolation and remotely can have greater security in their activity, configuring another of the buttons to quickly access the emergency function, which detects falls and lack of movement.

The X4 allows you to change from professional use to personal use, thanks to its triple tray to house 2 SIM cards and a micro SD. Its price is 470 euros.

The Core M4, it is a mobile with a screen of 5 inches in 18: 9 format. With size and weight less than the others smartphones from its range, it can be easily held and used with one hand. With a Qualcomm 215 processor and 2GB / 32GB of memory, it comes with Android 9 and has dual SIM card tray functionality.

Specially adapted for company fleets, it meets the requirements established in the program Android for Work (function zero touch, compatibility with major EMMs, update of security patches, etc.). It comes equipped with a side button that can be configured to use an application push-to-talk turning the mobile into a walkie-talkie. The second softkey can be configured for any other use (SOS, business specific application, photo camera, & mldr;)

The device uses components of recognized brands such as its screen with Corning glass or its Qualcomm 215 64-bit quad-core processor recorded at 28nm. This processor is part of the life extended program to guarantee updates and improvements, as well as the durability of the components. Its price is 310 euros.

Finally highlight the Core-M4 GO, which fulfills the same promises of the rest of smartphones of the brand, with the DNA of Crosscall, but in a simplified and therefore more affordable. Equipped with a light version of Android (Android GO), it has a 12MP camera and a 3000 mAp battery, enough to last a full day. Its price is 230 euros.



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