In the Finnish Championship League, IFK Helsinki traveled to wash its face after the spanking that came on Friday. The flies applied for a score from Helsinki on Friday with numbers 3–7.

On Saturday, HIFK traveled to Tampere to visit Tappara. The people of Helsinki took the lead twice, but in the third round Tappara took command almost completely.

Michael Spacekin with a force majeure, the ax breasts rose to 2–2.

HIFK still had a case of force majeure at the end of the third round, but Tappara’s Alivoima withstood the pressure. The match progressed to overtime, where a solution was finally reached.

NHL confirmation from Columbus to Helsinki Emil Bemström ran from edge to run through and scored 2-3 solution goals. Bemström, who proved to be a tough player at the league level, has now scored 4 + 2 = 6 in five matches.

The Puljujärvi – Pyörälä duo was active

In Lahti, the starting points for the league game on Saturday were quite interesting. The Oulu fly has been a real beast in Lahti. The flies had plucked the Pelicans nine times in the last 10 league games.

The Oulu team got off to a good start this time as a veteran striker Jussi Jokinen moved the Flies to the lead in three minutes. Jokinen’s goal was helped Jesse Puljujärven physical work on ice as he tackled Miika Roineen next to the edge to undo. A moment later, Jokinen was able to finish.

However, Pelicans made a great minute in the opening round. First Sakke Hämäläinen hit the goal congestion with a tie in 12.21. The digitals stopped at 13.15 when Rudolf Cerveny opened the season by directing his goal account Ryan Laschin feed network wigs.

Puljujärvi was on display in the Fly leveling three seconds before the end of the batch. He and Cody Kunyk preyed on entry points when Mika Pyörälä leveled by force.

In the middle of the second installment, Puljujärvi hit itself when the loose disc from Kunyk’s shot landed like a tray.

The flies didn’t let Pelicans surprise me a second time. In the third installment, the paint of Oulu remained clean, and Libor Sulak hit 2-4. In the end, Puljujärvi raised his points balance to 2 + 1 in the evening, when Kärpät finally won 5–2. Fly Captain Pyörälä’s powers were 1 + 2.

Björkqvist hits

Vaasan Sport’s points account opened in Hämeenlinna. The only goal of the match was taken by the Vaasa team in the second round Simon Suoranta. HPK put pressure on the end of the match in the last minutes of the match, but persistent defense and Rasmus Reijolan the battles guaranteed Sport three points from Häme. Reijola defeated 18 times in his playoffs.

Only 713 spectators came to Rinkelinmäki.

In Kouvola, on the other hand, a new star has been lit for league leagues. Wear a size helmet Kasper Björkqvist was again in a huge blow when the team hosted Tampereen Ilve.

Björkqvist, 23, took the second goal of the evening to KooKoo with a 3-2 lead. Björkqvist also plays the first Finnish Championship league games of his career, as he headed to the US University Series NCAA after the junior years at the Espoo Blues.

The Pittsburgh Penguins reserve is playing with a loan agreement at KooKoo and has hit 3 + 1 = 4 in three matches. KooKoo eventually overthrew Ilves 4–2.

Rauma’s Lock continued his convincing grip. On Saturday, it was Lappeenranta’s SaiPa’s turn to stay under the champion candidate’s roller. NHL loan package Ville Heinola baited two hits in Luko’s 3-0 win.