The audience at the Gatorade Center was buzzing with holy anger as the TPS – HIFK match settled. Especially in the teeth of the audience was HIFK Joonas Lyytinen.

Not only did Lyytinen sink TPS in the extra time with a 4-3 winning goal, he was strongly involved in acquiring the cool, which led to the leveling of the match for HIFK with a superiority in the final round.

At the end of the third installment, TPS Markus Nurmi was ordered on the ice at the end of a controversial fighting situation. The other party is the character Lyytinen of the evening, who comments on the situation in his colorful way.

– It’s not exactly what the reaction of the Turku audience was for a moment. Hockey is sometimes like this. I think we deserved it cool, Lytic formulated.

The setup could also be interpreted differently.

In basketball, Lyytinen’s action would be called “flopping,” deliberately throwing himself into the ground to catch a mistake.

– Nurmi was a little behind the situation there. No wonder. The HIFK player could have blown all sorts of coolers today.

In the TPS camp, the situation was seen to be a bit different.

– My point of view is that Lyytinen took my hand and fell into the ice in a hand pencil. The judges made such a decision this time, the other party, Markus Nurmi from TPS, who had recently been assigned to the A national team, was surprised.

Things agreed

HIFK’s Anton Lundell played in Turku in the number one chain of HIFK.

Playing meant that the events of the HPK match went unpunished in the discipline of the SM League.

Friday’s HPK match was out of play for 20 seconds as Lundell pulled the puck Jere Innalaa with a transverse racket around the neck in the middle.

According to Lundell, the matter has been agreed between the players and is fine.

– I agreed with Innala after the game on its situation. He’s fine and that’s the most important thing. Intentional damage is not part of hockey, nor is it part of my play, Lundell confirmed to Iltalehti.