• Frans Tuohimaa played his first draw of the season with HIFK’s goal.
  • HIFK’s Anton Lundell continued his incredible paint tube.
  • JYP’s superiority statistics amaze with their misery.

Sure, the league table in the midst of corona disturbances is a bit confusing because teams have different numbers of matches played. For example, KalPa, which is one point behind HIFK, has played four less matches than Helsinki residents.

In any case, the direction of the HIFK, which stood in the early part of the season, seems to have turned upwards. The three-point victory was its second consecutive one.

Three winners stood out from HIFK, which took an convincing home victory and played strongly as a team: the goalkeeper Frans Tuohimaa, a 19-year-old who continued his wild paint tube Anton Lundell as well as the head coach who got the stiffness needed for the pentathlon Jarno Pikkarainen.

The zero game was the first of the season for Tuohimaa. He hasn’t been at his best level in the early rounds – like the rest of the team – so keeping the goal clean warmed his mind.

“It’s not worth making this too big either,” he said.

– It is more warm that it was the best game of the season in all respects, at least for myself. There was no worry at any point.

– A good and intact game for the whole gang. Time for clinical doing, Tuohimaa praised.

Tulikuuma Lundell

Anton Lundell also praised the team’s intact 60 minutes. With his powers of 1 + 1, he has scored as many as seven goals in his last three matches. There were two matches in between, with the center reserved for the NHL as the 12th player in the first round at the beginning of October.

With eight matches of 8 + 2 = 10, Lundell is second on the League Goal Exchange and seventh on the Points Exchange. In the past, he has been known more as a pitcher and a responsible two-way center forward than as an actual goal scorer.

– Now it’s starting to sink. However, I see myself as a game maker. I see the field well and find chain friends, but at the same time I like to shoot a lot and want to score goals, he answered the question about his “wrong” score.

Lundell’s score focuses on the goal column when the chain mates Sebastian Dyk and Jesse Saarinen have not yet had their goal accounts for the season opened. There have been places, Lundell has taken care of that.

– Successes feed a lot of self-confidence. It seems that I have gone forward last season. I want to improve all the time and help the team win. The main thing today was three points for the team, Lundell said.

Training break

Jarno Pikkarainen, who was criticized for his surprising losses in the middle of the autumn injury, could now praise the team’s balanced three-round performance.

– They came in with a good look, and Anton’s 1-0 goal was important because they always control the game. The center was defended really well and the shots were sacrificingly blocked. “Fränä” was really good at the finish, Pikkarainen smoked.

HIFK’s pace of play has recently made it possible to better practice pentathlon.

– This was only the second game in a week and a half. We have been able to take our game forward. It was also a very positive thing, the coach summed up with satisfaction.

Next, HIFK will meet HPK in Hämeenlinna on Friday.

JYP has a problem

JYP has now played four matches since it laid off its coaching duo after co-operation negotiations Pekka Tirkkonen and Ari Santasen.

Jussi Tupamäki and Jukka Varmanen under the leadership, the team first won Sport handsomely 4-0, but has since lost three times to the tube.

The balance could be much better if the game of superiority even worked somehow. The people of Jyväskylä are on the tail of the YV statistics with a lousy percentage on 3 December. The team’s goal difference from the 62.28 minute superiority period is two goals negative: 1-3.

Against HIFK, JYP was allowed to try to score with superiority four times – to no avail.

An equally incomprehensible statistical freak is the league top Luko’s 100% underpower game. The people of Rauma have played for less than 57.14 minutes, of which 2.28 with two men undercutting, and the goal difference is two goals positive: 2–0.