HIFK head coach Jarno Pikkarainen believed the game to be entertaining from the spectators’ point of view.

That’s certainly what it was, if measured by the number of finishers. The waste typical of the early season was striking on both sides.

The least guilty was HIFK’s 19-year-old top promise Anton Lundell, who knocked out twice in the opening batch.

– In offensive play, a big step was taken forward, and in homework, a certain relaxation shone. That was a great thing, Little Smiled.

Last season, HIFK tended to freeze in its home court if an opponent scored an opening goal, and that was still the case against Kärpp on Friday. The ingredients were again the same as the Aces’ best player Peter Tiivola took the guests to the lead, but Lundell’s hits turned the numbers 2 to 1 and freed up the hosts ’game.

The tenacious Pori people rose to 3–3 from behind two more goals. The victory was also on the tray for Ace when it reached the top three times in the final round, but the best places during them came to HIFK.

– Underpower gaming was a diamond, Pikkarainen praised.

In the end, the solution was struck in overtime by the same man as on Saturday in Hakametsä, when HIFK applied to Tappara for two points: Emil Bemström cut off first by throwing himself into the aces ’dangerous attack of superiority and accelerated it directly into scoring. The perfect hit for the Columbus Blue Jackets loan player was already Fifth of the season.

Lundell celebrated

The Florida Panthers booked Anton Lundell last week as the 12th player in the NHL draft. His game seems to have been released after a long-talked-about booking opportunity freezes behind.

– The game has improved all the time, and even today I was still able to take the step. I was able to play at a pretty good level and help the team, Lundell confirmed and said he was excited about the situation.

It was evident in his spectacular vents.

– Of course it’s always nice to paint, and I noticed that I got an extra boost from the paint.

Pikkarainen praised the young man’s versatility.

– Intelligence is the first thing. Anton is a very timely player. He knows how to rhythmize the puck playing of the five and passes when he needs to pass. Also able to challenge himself and is hungry to play towards the goal.