Ten attackers from Helsinki were on the sidelines of Friday’s Lukko match. The people of Rauma took the series points from Helsinki with a 3–2 victory. At the same time, Lukko rose to the top of the League.

The patient name list and recovery forecast look like this:

Anton Lundell (day to day), Antti Suomela (3-4 weeks), Lennart Petrell (for now), Micke Åsten (2-3 weeks), Henrik Borgström (3 weeks), Teemu Tallberg (2-3 weeks), Juha Jääskä (2-3 weeks), Niklas Nordgren (1-2 weeks), Ville Leskinen (2-3 months) and Rasmus Heljanko (2-3 months).

Defender Joonas Lyytinen returned to the lineup, but the same playing field Mikko Kousa in turn inherited his place from the sick.

In total, HIFK has as many as 11 men on its side.

– I’ve never been like that. Yes, that’s a wild amount, HIFK’s head coach Jarno Pikkarainen pained.

HIFK has patched absences for NHL loan players. Leading the Suomela League League Emil Bemströmin, Joona Luodon and Otto Koivulan in addition to the loan agreements, HIFK has entered into a full-term agreement with Borgström.

On Saturday, HIFK will travel to Mikkeli as a guest of league jumbo Jukuri.