The flies came from Oulu and showed the Stadin Kings the place of the locker on Friday night at numbers 7–3.

– Cheerful start, but no goal was obtained with superiority. After that, the guy was effective. Then the handbrake was pulled at the bottom, and the final game was quite a trickle. It wasn’t our evening tonight.

HIFK captain Jere Sallinen the seal of Nordis ’evening was honest and apt. The hosts had nothing to do with the League’s endurance winner Oulu Kärppi. The regular season winner of the last three seasons is splashing again in number one on the league table.

It is difficult to name any climax from the match, unless you consider the 0-1 goal scored in 3.40. It was hit by an autumn comet Otto Karvinen The flies practically at the end of the first attack.

– Yes, it froze, HIFK head coach Jarno Pikkarainen admitted directly.

The same effort marked HIFK’s home games last season as well: the opponent’s lead goal plastered the team immediately.

HIFK’s account now has two wins and two losses. Both losses have come in the home hall.

– We lost our instinct to play and react. That way we were after the struggles, and the Flies got to move the puck and run us.

That’s what it was for the remaining 56 minutes and 20 seconds ago.

Although goalkeeper fights (HIFK Frans Tuohimaa 16, flies Patrik Rybar 32) To give another impression, the game was completely under the control of the Flies. The venues it utilized rude effectively.

No excuses

HIFK was left behind in all areas. It lost the duel, and the forced opening game did little to produce dangerous attacks. With his various tunings, HIFK paved the way for many fly flies.

Even the 1–4 reduction at the end of the second batch did not ignite the flames of the people of Helsinki. Ventures of the force majeure week Mikko Kousan after the hit were void.

It spoke that the team was discouraged. The belief in victory was already gone.

– I’m really disappointed. We were at the speed of the game Fly after the light year. Not terribly positive, Pikkarainen said without explanation.

He did not look for an explanation for the amount of injuries in the early part of the season. Nearly ten men are on the sidelines, and have been replaced by loan players from different directions.

– Maybe it shows that the game is not as repeatable as it should be yet, Pikkarainen said.

– But that’s no explanation.

NHL loans

Until the start of NHL camps, HIFK will be represented by four NHL loan players: Emil Bemström (Columbus), Joona Luoto (Winnipeg), Antti Suomela (San Jose) yes Otto Koivula (NY Islanders).

In addition, the club has entered into an all-season contract for the Florida Panthers organization Henrik Borgströmin but he is on the injured list.

Bemström, the paint king of SHL a couple of years ago, who did a 1 + 1 fight against the fly, has opened his season sharply and has already accumulated a 3 + 2 power. That’s enough for HIFK and also the entire League points exchange for second place after Captain Sallinen (4 + 2).

HIFK introduced its home audience to Suomela, which had recently agreed with San Jose Sharks.

– It has been a long wait to get to play. Would have demanded a little better performance from himself and the team, but it felt good to play, Suomela summed up.

Koifula’s loan washer was also announced by HIFK on Friday, but he was not in the line-up yet – nor will he be on Saturday, when HIFK will meet in Tappara’s Hakametsä. Pikkarainen predicts the Ilves-based striker will play in a red shirt next week.

– If there is something positive here, then it is that there is a quick place to get to play again.

The coach’s message to the team after the ugly loss was encouraging.

– We need to find more courage to play so as not to get stuck in the scoreboard. More courage to succeed is needed.

Puljujärvi 2 + 1

The southern journey of the flies will continue on Saturday in Lahti as a guest of Pelicans.

– We were rested and on the head of the game, Star of the Flies Jesse Puljujärvi smiled after victory in an interview with C More.

The striker, who made a new contract with the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday, collected 2 + 1 powers.

– More widely came the successes, and played well as a team.