An employee of the Helsinki IFK football team has been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. Managing director Christoffer Perret confirm the information to Iltalehti.

– One of our employees was exposed and was later found to be positive. The Helsinki Infectious Diseases Medical Unit investigated the matter and stated that the team has not been exposed. The person has not been in contact with the team.

One of HIFK’s players, in turn, has been exposed to the coronavirus. However, the rest of the team has not been exposed.

– He has been in quarantine for a week and has not been with the team for a long time.

HIFK played against KuPS in Kuopio on Thursday. KuPS wanted to According to Savon Sanomat postpone the match, but the Helsinki club did not agree to the request.

Perret considers the reaction of the people of Kuopio to be unreasonable. According to him, the only option is to close the entire Veikkausliiga if a single suspicion of exposure leads to the cancellation of matches.

– KuPS wanted to make this a big deal. They feared before it was found out that the person in question had not exposed the team. We can’t go other than at the doctor’s discretion. If KuPS has better information, then so be it.

Does KuPS’s reaction seem unfair?

– Yes, it does. Exposure is exposure. In Helsinki, the corona situation is what it is. Everyone on the bus may have been exposed. We cannot cancel games because someone may have been exposed.

– We have a big organization and hundreds of employees in Helsinki, where the virus is rife. If all Helsinki residents are lepers, then they are.

CEO quarantined

Due to the employee’s corona infection, CEO Perret is also currently in quarantine. The result of his corona test was negative.

– Everyone is more careful and uses more masks. We take it seriously, but the team or KuPS is not affected.

Perret reminds the club to rely on expert assessments.

– Infectious disease doctors are prone to quarantine if there is reason to suspect infection. If they do a thorough research, interview dozens of people about their movements and come to the conclusion that they have not been exposed, then there is no exposure. We need to trust doctors to do their job.

KuPS overturned HIFK on Thursday 3–2 (2–0). The Helsinki team is the sixth in the series.