Hiddink hopes to bring players who fall just outside the Orange to Curaçao

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National coach Guus Hiddink hopes that he will eventually be able to welcome a number of new players to the selection of Curaçao. De Varssevelder focuses on players who just miss the Dutch national team.

“There are a few roads that lead to a possible World Cup. I understand that they postpone the choice for Curaçao for a while if they are with the Dutch Juniors or are against the big Orange”, 74-year-old Hiddink says. FOX Sports.

“But as soon as they feel that they are not among the first forty selected for Orange, then there is another way for them to see how they can get the best in sport. There are a number of players who qualify for this. “

Hiddink led his first training at Curaçao on Friday, where he was appointed as national coach and technical director in August. His arrival took some feet in the earth, because national coach Remko Bicentini knew nothing about it and did not agree with the severance payment. An agreement was only reached this week.

“I recently called him about the situation, which I was not so happy about. The settlement took far too long,” said Hiddink. “Articles appeared that I would have played a part in it, but that is not the case at all.”

Hiddink hopes to lead Curaçao to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The team will no longer play this year under the former coach of, among others, the Dutch national team and PSV.



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