Hernán Crespo hopes that Boca respects the word and yields Walter Bou to Defense and Justice

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The coach of Florencio Varela’s team assured that Riquelme and Cascini told him that they will give the player a loan. Will Ramón Ábila’s tear change anything?

Walter Bou, despite being in the consideration of Boca coach, Miguel Ángel Russo, was one of the players of the Xeneize with the possibility of getting out on loan. Defense and Justice was one of the teams interested in the forward, who has already gone through assignments in Vitoria in Brazil, Unión La Calera in Chile and Unión de Santa Fe. What will happen to Ramón Ábila’s tear?

Hernán Crespo, coach of Florencio Varela’s team, anxiously awaits the attacker. “Let’s see if the people of Boca respect what he says about Bou. They are people of their word. You have to go to the documents part, “she commented.

“The boy wants to come, Roman (Riquelme) and Raúl (Cascini) gave me the OK, so I’m waiting for the documents to be done. The representative has no problem,” said the coach at TyC Sports.

To sign with the team ValdanitoFor Bou, the advantage is that he will play the Copa Libertadores, something that does not happen with Talleres de Córdoba, another interested party. Although Crespo also clarified that the times are not many due to the closure of the lists.

Walter, in two seasons, played 48 games, 11 as a starter, scored ten goals and was a two-time local champion.

It happens that the tear that leaves Wanchope Ábila out of the matches against Libertad and the DIM at least sounded the alarms in Boca, beyond the fact that there are alternatives in the pipeline.



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