There is no doubt of the popularity it has had TikTok in recent years and the infinite possibilities it offers for users to make themselves known, establishing and forging new virtual communities.

As well as other social networks and digital platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook The Instagram, the application of Chinese origin has also brought influencers and personalities who shine for their talent, charisma, content and / or criticism.

Such is the case of Salazar Elefunk, who has triumphed on TikTok for his video game content or the Mago Rojano, who has shared the key to being successful on the social network.

However, the case of Herly RG It is very peculiar, since it has stood out for its incomparable talent and charisma to highlight the toxic masculinity that surrounds us every day and that the feminist struggle seeks to eradicate and stop normalizing.

Herly RG is a Mexican girl who has found a perfect way to portray machismo through a fictional character called “Tomás, the incredulous”, who does not work, hates responsibilities and throws comments like the following: “I have no problems with them being gays, but don’t kiss each other in public “,” How do you see that Fany already grew a mustache? ”

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Comedy and criticism, the fundamental pillars of Herly RG

With a lot of charisma, perseverance and the help of a filter that distorts the voice and the face, Herly RG has managed to captivate hundreds of thousands of users who know at least one man like that or, better said, “onvre”.

In fact, the tiktoker He has pointed out on multiple occasions that his character is not based on any particular person, but is a mixture of all the comments of people that he has had to meet throughout his life. “We all know a male in our lives”, has pointed out Herly in interviews.

In short, his character, “Incredulous Thomas”, is ignorant, has an unfounded opinion and, unfortunately, is a true reflection of much of society.

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Herly RG It is a clear example that criticism and comedy can go hand in hand and that the Internet is an excellent space to perpetuate the feminist struggle.