Here’s how to make a healthy sandwich: 9 recipes

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With an ingredient change, it can be turned into a nutritious alternative.

When hunger strikes and we want to eat something quick and easy, the sandwich appears as the option par excellence. Although this preparation is generally associated with unhealthy foods that are high in fat, sodium and calories (such as cold cuts, sausages and dressings), with a change of ingredients it can become a nutritious alternative; it is just a matter of making a good selection of bread and suitable fillings to optimize their properties.

What should we take into account when making a healthy sandwich? “From bread to dressings, there are several options to choose from and put together a sandwich that can get us out of trouble,” says nutrition graduate Analía Moreiro.

As for bread, Moreiro suggests leaning towards the whole wheat or bran type, since “they are rich in fiber for being made with the whole wheat grain, which provides a lot of vitamins and minerals “.

Another alternative is to choose unconventional flour breads such as rye or almond flour breads, the latter with a very low carbohydrate content that makes it ideal for ketogenic or low-carb diets, Moreiro points out. And he adds: “Lately there is a tendency to consume sourdough breads, a type of yeast that gives bread better digestibility and provides more antioxidants and B vitamins.”

Once we have decided what type of bread to use, it is good to stop and select a good topping. “Instead of the classic mayonnaise or golf sauce, we can spread the bread with hummus, mashed avocado with olive, spreadable with almonds or chestnuts, or simply white cheese. In this way we are going to add flavor and healthy fats to the sandwich “, proposes the nutritionist.

And the main thing, the filling. Although it is almost inevitable to think about the classic ham and cheese mix, fortunately the picture is much broader.

“Chicken breast in thin slices, tuna in water or in crumbled oil, cold meat that could have been left over from the roast the day before, are some of the basic options for a good sandwich. To this it is convenient to add some vegetables to add vitamins, minerals and fiber: tomato slices, lettuce leaves, arugula, caramelized onion or pieces of avocado are some of the options “, says Moreiro. For vegetarians, he adds, combine different roasted vegetables with a touch of olive oil is a very satisfying option.

Next, the specialist shares multiple options to add making the sandwich a nutritious option:

Capresse: with a few slices of tomato, others of mozzarella and a touch of olive oil and oregano. You can add black olives.

Strong flavors: with anchovies and cured cheese. Anchovies provide a good dose of Omega 3.

With avocado: raw ham, feta cheese, avocado and dried tomatoes.

Vegetable: a mixture of lettuce, asparagus, tomato and many cucumber slices.

With a lot of flavor: mashed tuna with spreadable cheese, cherrys tomatoes and green olives.

Grilled: finite cut vacuum, roasted bell pepper and eggs.

Energetic: peanut butter, chicken breast, walnuts, and cheese.

With salmon: salmon slices (rich in essential fatty acids) avocado and egg


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