Henry Cavill will not be in the reshoots of the new version

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Counterorder: Henry Cavill has stated that for now he has not been called back to the set of Justice League Snyder Cut by the director, but he tells us what he thinks of the operation.

While someone estimates the total cost of the operation Justice League Snyder Cut probably on the 70 million dollars, well more than the 30 originally planned, comes one rectification to a news released yesterday: apparently, for the reshoots planned by Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill aka Superman he would not have been called into question for the time being. At this point, confirmations or denials of the others brought up are expected, namely Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and Ben Affleck (Batman). Promoting the new Enola Holmes on Netflix, in which he plays the great Sherlock, Cavill is back on the subject Snyder Cut, four-part miniseries streaming on HBO Max from the beginning of 2021, reassembly of the Justice League cinematic that Zack Snyder he was forced to leave due to serious personal problems. Here is what the actor told Collider:

No additional shots for me. It’s all stuff already shot. Of course I don’t know how things will evolve and change, now with one different length of the film, and after what will eventually happen in post production. […] A lesson we can draw from the release of Justice League four years ago I think? Here it is: four years of fan reactions. [Tre in realtà, ndr] As for me … the party starts now.

The phenomenon “Snyder Cut“should not be discounted: in addition to a budget worthy of a new project, it will serve as a bridgehead for Warner Bros for its HBO Max service. As shown by the case of Disney+, in a time of crisis, these proprietary platforms of the majors, able to cut the intermediaries of the cinemas at a time when the intermediaries are not able to guarantee the usual revenues, are becoming increasingly important. A major project like Justice League Snyder Cut it can become the perfect advertisement to stem the power of competition.



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