The original tennis player Maria Sharapova provides given the ‘yes, I do’ and has committed to the billionaire Alex Gilkes. “I said yes in the first day we met. This is our big little secret, proper?” The Russian posted on the girl personal social media accounts.

Sharapova, among the finest tennis players of recent times plus a social and media phenomenon given that she ended her career being a professional athlete, began his marriage with Gilkes back in 2018. Right now, two years later, they announce that they can get married in the near future, although there is no time frame yet.

During Sharapova’s 20-year job, who retired in February 2020, the Russian tennis player gained 36 titles, five of them inside Grand Slams, and it became # 1 in the world ranking, treasuring how many $ 38.7 million inside prizes (third player with the best earnings in history).

Gilkes’ networking of contacts makes anticipation of any wedding in style. British businessman, co-founder of Squared Circles, maintains a fine relationship of friendship with princes William and Harry, in addition to he was one involving the guests at the wedding of Eugenie of York with Jack Brooksbank.