Event entrepreneur Heidi Sohlberg arrived to watch the seventh broadcast of Dancing with the Stars together Sofiawith her daughter. Sofia is in fifth grade. The mother and daughter had been equipped for the consignment with matching face masks.

– This has been an exceptional year, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I was unemployed for five months when all events were canceled in the spring. Yes, this has been quite a battle, but I’m a positive person, I survived pahemmastakin, Sohlberg told Iltalehti before the broadcast begins.

The work situation is now better. Sohlberg will host the Sembalot price campaign at the Sello shopping center next week.

– In the spring, the event was canceled and now, at least for the time being, it seems that the event can be held, Sohlberg rejoices.

The event is plotted with masks on the face, so Sohlberg has had to think about using sound and performing with the mask as well. It has gone very well in practice.

When asked about the relationship, Sohlberg says that at the moment, it is quiet on that front.

– I’m still waiting for the prince. It has been talked to friends that Corona Time is no treat as a single. You just have to trust that the right type will come at some point, Sohlberg describes the current situation for Iltalehti.