Presenter of Radio Nova Heidi Finland was hospitalized about a week ago. At that time, the cause of the symptoms was not yet known.

Now it is known. Finland writes on Instagram that it was close to death.

Finland now tells on Instagram how he had started with symptoms in the padel field. Finland writes that it thinks it suffers from severe menstrual cramps. Later, the pain worsened.

The pains were so severe that Finland could not even sit. He was taken to a hospital from where he was able to return home after blood tests.

At home, the symptom began to worsen and the fever rose closer to 39 degrees and the abdominal pain only got worse.

In the hospital, Finland was cut.

“The gastro-surgeon who cut me later said that the stomach had to be opened because the peritonitis had spread so widely. My condition had been life threatening. It took two hours to flush my stomach, Finland writes On Instagram.

Finland, which is also familiar with television, says that a long-term recovery is ahead.

-Now recover from at home and I expect to be back in the game, Finland decide writings.

Finland is now known as the presenter of Radio Nova. Prior to his radio career, he worked as a news anchor and sports journalist, among other things.

Iltalehti did not reach Finland for comment.