Héctor Larrea turns 82: ten phrases from the master of radio

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The Bragado announcer will celebrate via Zoom with friends. Its philosophy and its stainless mottos.

Six air days a week on National Radio (AM 870). Who would have imagined that Héctor Larrea would reach his 82 years of radio more current than ever. The Bragado announcer will celebrate via zoom today with colleagues and friends.

His 82 years are accompanied by a biographical book written by Martín Giménez, A life on the radio. The black and white photos show that pioneer who was received more than half a century ago building the history of the air.

“Hetitor” debuted with an announcer’s license on LR9 Radio Antarctica, in Arenales 1925. His first cycle lasted a year, he went twice a week and was called “Musicosas”. He usually remembers that beginning with pure laughter: “Title more rude, impossible, but it helped me to start on this path, to launch the odometer and make my first experiences”.

Here are ten of his thousand phrases to remember:

– “To those who want to do radio, I advise: put your soul. Radio is no longer a big business and that is why it does not go into content in depth. In such difficult times, you need to love radio intensely, which is the same as loving people. For that it was invented, not for our ego, but to help others, to communicate. Otherwise it loses all meaning ”.

– “Without enemies you live better”

– “I was more or less like dad. I don’t think I was the dedicated dad that I should have been. But I think my daughters have understood me. And that everything could not be done and he had to give them an education. I was coming from minus ten. You had to work hard to give them an education. I think they received a very good education, which everyone deserves. But I have not been the dedicated parent that the manuals say one should be. I have not been. I have already apologized to them and they have forgiven me. I went to a few school events, I must be honest. “

– “How do I see the future of radio? Maybe the future is podcast, the act of wanting to listen to a human voice will always exist, that essence of the speaker and the listener. But the future is likely to be a small radio surviving on the Internet. “

– “When he became widowed, mother Felisa, who cried all day, began to smile at the jokes of the radio host. I understood then that this device worked miracles ”.

“We complain but we do nothing to make young people listen to us. Radio is not a medium for today’s youth ”.

– “I retired on time from TV. Television needed a new man, more relaxed, not older ”.

– “To believe it would be considered important. So I can say that I did not believe it. The ego will have jumped, stumbled, but that lasted very little. Then it happens ”.

– “Since I arrived from Bragado I never had a neighborhood. I am an uprooted person who got into this because my neighborhood was the radio. Emotional refugee. I didn’t know how to do anything else ”.

– “When I was a kid, it was so magical that a voice came out there. It seemed untranslatable to me. There was no explanation. Moving a little knob … Magic !. Now I come to realize that I was trying to find a less cruel world. And the radio gave it to me”.


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