Héctor Larrea, days after retirement: ‘The radio is my girlfriend and this love does not end’

With an open heart, the announcer tells in detail how he made the decision to say goodbye. “That they miss me is cured,” he says through tears.

-Sadness, no. No way. It is like the one who manages to reach the Aconcagua peak: he is tired, but happy.

Hector Larrea it feels like a landing zone. Prepared stomach, carefully thought out maneuvering, long glide, and a consistent lapse from air to ground. If I were a pilot, I would wear a uniform with all the possible stars, denoting turbulent flights, gentle flights, a walk around every corner of the world map. On December 31, you will face something similar to the last ascent, you will get off the plane and discover in perspective that the sky was all yours.

The retreat operation was calmly planned. Before going to sleep, the idea flew over. During sleep, too. Getting rid of a rite almost as old as his life was not complex. Like those footballers who no longer have inches of shelf where to add a trophy, he had been chewing on the matter for five years. “One more year,” he confirmed every Christmas and stretched the deadlines. Until a few days ago he communicated to his listeners: “I am finishing my 60-year career.”

Tell now that you heard the zamba Old mom Y “life touched at the ends forming a circle.” Sing a section and get excited: “When I left the payment I waved goodbye to her, and the old mother stayed, very sad, at the door of the ranch. She gave me permission, which I paid for with a thousand kisses and straightened down the path with my baggage of dreams. ‘

“The same thing happened to me. She was very sad at the door and I left with an old suitcase tied with threads, heading to the railway station. I promised her that in two years I would look for her. Come on, I lived, that’s what you have to do! ”And I went back to look for her, I brought her to Buenos Aires, she lived to be 100. I had six decades of desperate happiness. Do you see how the circle closes, from the boy from Bragado to today? “

-The National Radio wants to try to convince you to reduce hours, so that you stay once a week …

-Yes, they told me about a program once a week, but no. I do nothing else. When I say I’m leaving, I’m leaving. Half I don’t like it. When I’m done, I’m done. It’s like I have a girlfriend that I love very much, I fought for her, and she tells me “let’s see each other once a week” or once a month. Has no sense. The radio is my girlfriend and this love does not end. Now I will be a listener again.

-Love doesn’t end, but don’t you think you’re going to feel the emptiness?

-No. I only have gratitude. I have been very happy. The greatest congratulations were achieved through the radio. My well-being to eat every day I achieved through the radio. I have no debts thanks to the radio. I have a family thanks to the radio. My daughters had that primary, secondary and university education thanks to the radio. I can keep the sanatorium where my wife is thanks to the radio. And in the emotional sense, what to say: what I take will not be able to get anything from me. With what I have inside I’m going to live what I have left of my life. It is an immensity that I still receive! Fill, it goes beyond what I had thought at my ten years.

-How do you imagine the day after?

-I have no idea. I only know that I will continue reading Abelardo Castillo. The rest, I don’t know. I like to improvise.

-Aren’t you afraid of getting bored?

-I can’t answer it now, I’ll answer it next year.

– Long ago he retired from television without nostalgia. Is the radio farewell feeling different?

-To television, although I owe him everything, because as a friend said ‘if they don’t know you, they don’t give you a good space on the radio’, I don’t have the same feeling. There comes a time that makes you tired. It’s too practical, unemotional. One of the reasons when I left was to have all the time for the radio. There was no difficulty in severing my relationship, because there I was one more. I said things that had no spiritual sustenance, there was nothing of mine. If I talk about how the arrangements were made La Yumba, by Osvaldo Pugliese, I put my things. Instead in saying “Waku Waku” what emotion do you find?

-How was the talk with your doctors and daughters?


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