Healthy pastry: is it possible?

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What ingredient replacements can make the preparations more nutritious, without sacrificing flavor.

Healthy pastry; It sounds like a contradiction, but in controlled portions and with the right ingredients, sweet preparations can also be nutritious.

Although the Argentine has a palate raised to dulce de leche, the search for a more conscious diet meant that in recent times, the market offered healthier and equally delicious options.

To prepare them, some players enter the court and others leave. Sugar and refined flours go, dates, nuts and whole wheat flour are added, among other replacements.

“We generate sweets through pasta with dates and fruits, we sweeten with stevia, mascabo or syrup of chañar, we only use chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. In this way, we elaborate nutritious sweets that do not generate the addiction that conventional pastry supplies cause, “explains Martín Ferraro, owner of BFresh, a restaurant where they only sell healthy pastry.

Along the same lines, vegetables are also incorporated into desserts; In the menu of this restaurant, for example, there is a 70% avocado and chocolate mousse based on peanuts and prunes and a bitter cocoa cake that has beets, sorghum and rice.

Maia Glejzer, a nutrition graduate and professor at the iSalud University, does not doubt it: “Pastry can be a very healthy option as long as good quality ingredients are chosen and portion control is controlled. “

The specialist recommends finding sugar substitutes “in very ripe fruits, such as bananas, or dates. “Regarding fats, he suggests vegetable oils, since” they provide essential fatty acids that are very important for the body, such as vitamin E “.

However, it is worth making some clarifications. First, healthy is not synonymous with low calorie.

Dates, for example, are among the fruits with the highest energy intake (275 calories per 100 grams). Like nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, which are ground to make flour. The accent is on quality: there are a lot of calories, yes, but high nutritional value.

Fruit and vegetable baked goods also have another benefit: “They give more satiety, since they incorporate fiber. That with the super added value of vitamins and minerals, “explains Daniela Natale, a nutritionist specializing in obesity, while stressing the importance of” not demonizing certain foods. “

On the other hand, beyond the fact that the search for a rich product is the maxim that governs these healthy preparations, there are differences between one pastry and the other. “The classic uses butter, margarines, industrialized dairy, white sugar, refined flours … the healthy version does not achieve the same result, but it is just as rich“, says Astrid Acuña, Head of Kitchen, of Mudrá, a restaurant plant based.

But the sensory is only one of the planes where differences are noticed, what is fundamental is perceived at the time of digestion. Acuña says that “the body receives it in another way, never falls heavy. I wouldn’t say that one bakery is better than the other, but I would say that the healthy one is lighter and the body appreciates that “.

A good way to start enjoying a healthier pastry is to start home cooking.

“What is homemade is always healthier than ultra-processed food, because the latter contains chemicals or a lot of sugar“says Karina Gao, cook and creator of the Mon Petit Glouton Instagram account.

Of course, it is not enough to throw three eggs into a powder to prepare sponge cake, you have to start with noble ingredients and dust the mixer. Therefore, when buying it is good to know the healthiest version of some foods.

“At home you can replace white flour with whole wheat and choose the least refined sugar possible “, indicates Soledad Peredo, a nutritionist and specialist in childhood diabetes.


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