Healthy children in UK don’t get vaccine| Healthy children in UK don’t get vaccine

Can the coronavirus epidemic ever be over? People are now ready to have a good time and go on holiday after a difficult year and half of lockdowns. Despite the numerous vaccinations, we find ourselves back in the past due to rising infections. What is the current situation? You can follow the latest Covid news right here.

Canada will allow Americans to return to Canada on August 9, provided that they have received a full vaccine against the coronavirus. A month later, on September 7, travelers from other countries who have been fully vaccinated against the corona virus will be permitted to travel to Canada for unrelated purposes.

“Thanks for the hard work of Canadians. More and more vaccinations, and fewer new corona patients, the government can lift the border measures,” said the government in a statement.

US citizens who wish to cross the border from the US must submit a Canadian application with a valid vaccination certificate. You must take the second shot at least 14 days before you travel to Canada. It is unknown if the US will open the border.

In March 2020, Canada and the United States closed the borders to all non-essential travel. Due to the continued high incidence of coronavirus infections, the closure was extended monthly.

Canadians should not travel to foreign countries if they do not have to.

Some children are not eligible for the vaccine. Only minors who are at risk of serious illness or who live with an infected person can get a vaccine.

Nadhim Zahawi, Secretary of State for Vaccinations, stated in a press conference not all children are eligible to receive a shot as the British Vaccination Committee has not recommended that. The JCVI says that healthy children are not likely to get a vaccine, mainly due to the fact that they will almost never become seriously ill.

The Netherlands Health Council recommends that children who wish to be vaccinated are given vaccines. The Health Council states that they should be provided with the correct information so that they can make an informed decision.

The United Kingdom announced an exception that allows people to remain at home following contact with infected persons. People who have received two corona vaccines and are employed in an important job do not need to be quarantined. This includes air traffic controllers, for instance. They must be able and willing to self-isolate from outside work.

It is not known if the exception applies to Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, who must remain at home following contact with infected persons.

Adults who have received a corona vaccine shot from AstraZeneca can now schedule a second shot with BioNTech or Pfizer.

For those born before 1956, rebooking is possible starting Friday. This opportunity was available to people born in 1957 or earlier on Saturday. The original plan was for other groups to take turns, but this has been cancelled. Anyone born after 1958 may exchange starting Monday.



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