The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps) has reported the withdrawal from the market of the desodorante Byly Bio dermo roll-on due to microbiological contamination.

We have proceeded to the withdrawal from the market and the recovery of batches 0707 and 0708 of this cosmetic due to the presence of the microorganism Pseudomona aeruginosa, a bacteria that can cause infection in the lungs and respiratory tract, urinary tract, tissues and also cause others.

In this sense, the authorities and the company have recommended consumers who have a unit to go to the establishment where they acquired it to your return.

In a note, the Aemps has explained that the Byly Laboratories have communicated the voluntary withdrawal of the aforementioned batches when detecting contamination and that have initiated the recovery of consumers.

The aforementioned company is explaining, through its website (, how to proceed for the return of the product.

The measures adopted by the company have also been communicated to the health authorities of the autonomous communities for its dissemination and timely actions.