Primary care health personnel request a campaign from the Conselleria de Sanidad de information for citizens that manages to avoid the mishaps that arise every day in health centers, according to the Ser string.

The Colleges of Nursing and Physicians agree that it would be interesting emphasize more pedagogy, so that there would be fewer verbal attacks that are becoming more frequent, although they are not usually reported.

Fundamentally, this increased tension it can be seen in primary care nurses. The saturation of work in health centers and new protocols cause discrepancies between patients and health personnel.

Juan José Tirado, president of the Nursing Council, requests more hiring people that reinforce the current workers. In addition, it considers it appropriate to create posters that disseminate clear infographics about the new protocols.

Antonio Monrabal, vice president of the College of Physicians of Valencia, acknowledges that health workers spend half of their time calming the spirits of those who expose their complaints about collapse from health centers, even receiving insults or threats. For this reason, he believes it is necessary to carry out information campaigns that explain the reasons why the operations are not the same as a few months ago.

The lack of staff It is causing an overflow in primary care, which is even more latent with the pandemic situation in which the country finds itself.