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The Ministry of Health has notified 8,964 new coronavirus infections, 3,168 in the last 24 hours, with which the total number of infections rises to 534,513, while the death toll adds up to 29,594, with 261 new deaths in the last 7 days.

According to these data, a third of the new infections in the last 24 hours have been registered in Madrid, with 984 cases, a community that has also reported the highest number of deaths (87) and the highest percentage of hospital occupancy (18%), followed by the Basque Country, with 370 new positives; Andalusia, with 340; Navarra, with 260; and Aragon with 208.

In addition, the figures for new infections reported by the communities reveal that 182 positives have been confirmed in the Canary Islands, 176 in Galicia, and 147 in Catalonia, while La Rioja is below a hundred cases, with 98; Castilla y León, with 86; Cantabria, with 80; Extremadura, with 60; Valencian Community, with 56; Murcia, with 53; Castilla-La Mancha, with 39; and Asturias, with 16, as well as the cities of Ceuta and Melilla score 1 and 12, respectively.

Hospital pressure in Madrid

Regarding deaths, Andalusia remains with 39 deaths in the last 7 days, Castilla y León increases one to 20 deaths, Galicia also continues with 18, Aragon and the Canary Islands, with 13; 9 in the Balearic Islands; 6 in Catalonia, as many in Extremadura, 5 in Navarra; 3 both in Asturias, Murcia and Navarra; 2 in the Basque Country, and the rest, until completing the 261, in Ceuta and Melilla.

Hospital pressure continues to be very uneven between communities and Madrid is at the forefront, with 2,508 admitted (61 more than yesterday), which maintains its occupancy rate at 18%, just as the Balearic Islands remain at 13% (356) , Aragon at 12% (473), and the Basque Country fell one tenth, to 11% (445).

Currently, there are a total of 1,051 patients in ucis throughout Spain, although Madrid are the busiest (288), followed by Catalonia, with 149, and Andalusia, with 120.

With the new increases in infections, the incidence in 14 days, which stood yesterday at 229, has increased by 6 points, to 236; since 110,996 people have received a positive diagnosis, although it also varies greatly depending on the territory.

More than 52,000 confirmed by PCR

Madrid has the highest, with 543, followed by La Rioja, which goes from 379 to 392 and is 20 tenths of that of the Basque Country, which stands at 372.

Asturias continues to queue, it remains the only autonomy that does not reach a hundred, and drops from the 63 cases per 100,000 inhabitants yesterday to 61.

In the last week, 52,138 infections by PCR have been confirmed, a third of them in Madrid (17,998), almost three times more than in Catalonia (6,217), while Andalusia recorded 4,880 and the Basque Country 3,945. The community with the lowest figures continues to be Asturias, which has accumulated 347 infections in this period.

In this same week, 6,109 infected symptoms began, although, in this case, Catalonia continues to be the one with the highest number, with 1,103.

With these figures, Spain continues to be the second most affected European country, only surpassed by Russia (1,030,690); Globally, the United States is the most affected by the virus with 6,261,216, followed by India (4,204,613) and Brazil (4,123,000). More than 881,464 people have already died in this pandemic.



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