He wants to make a live announcement on Instagram

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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Michael Wendler: He announces “Breaking News” +++ Gerda Lewis: The ex-Bachelorette unpacks about her sex life +++ Daniela Katzenberger: Has her secret finally been revealed? +++ Michael Wendler: Was he forced to do this? +++ Carmen Geiss is on vacation in Dubai and presents her sexy side to her fans there.

Celebrity News 2020: All news and developments in the GALA ticker

13. November

Michael Wendler: He announces “Breaking News” on Instagram

Has Michael Wendler, 48, thought this step carefully? The musician shares a picture on Instagram in which he can be seen with a Venetian mask. The photo also serves as an announcement: Wendler wants to go live on Instagram next Tuesday (November 17) from 8 p.m. He has “Breaking News” in his luggage, he says.

Will fans get involved? After all, the husband of Laura Müller, 20, had only embarrassed himself a few days ago when he clearly heard the opinion of his community in a survey. When he asked whether his followers would like to go live, a full 86% clicked no. The pop star doesn’t seem to care – he wants to express his opinion, whether someone wants to hear it or not.

In his Instagram story, Michael Wendler continues to express his opinion that “the federal government is violating the Basic Law”. In another 15-second video, he refers to the US presidential election. He writes: “The US President Joe Biden Sieg, who has already been appointed by the media, is shaking.” The 48-year-old is an avowed fan of the current reigning Donald Trump, 74. What his announced “Breaking News” refers to remains unclear. The comment function for the contribution was issued.

12. November

Gerda Lewis: The ex-Bachelorette unpacks about her sex life

Oh là là – Gerda Lewis, 27, reveals very intimate things! The reason for the openness of the ex-Bachelorette: a question and answer session on Instagram. On the social media platform, the blonde asked her fans to ask her unpleasant questions. No sooner said than done – and Gerda gave honest answers on topics such as contraception, love for women and threesome sex.

Currently, Gerda revealed, among other things, because: “No man, no contraception necessary”. She split from her last boyfriend Melvin Pelzer, 25, in July 2020 after a few months of relationship. Speaking of relationships – has Gerda ever had something with a woman? “No. I think women are beautiful, but they have never attracted me sexually. That’s why I definitely couldn’t do anything with a woman,” said the 27-year-old in her Instagram story. She has never had a threesome either, the influencer admitted. In addition, she is not a fan of one-night stands.

Instead, she has had sex in an unusual place: “In fact, only once, but it wasn’t about the ‘where’, rather that it was very special and something I will never forget.” Gerda kept a secret about the “where”.

10. November

Daniela Katzenberger: Has your secret finally been revealed?

It was the surprise at the beginning of the third season of “The Masked Singer”: The meerkat in a flower dress, announced as “Frau Erdmann”, was supported by a male meerkat in dungarees. By round four, the couple had already sung each other. Are the masks falling tonight? The element of surprise is unlikely to materialize because the two undercover celebrities have probably long since been exposed.

Both with the audience and the jury, this couple is clearly ahead of the game: Daniela Katzenberger, 34, and husband Lucas Cordalis, 53. Fans share their assumptions on Twitter. Not only the vocal performances, but also the notes were used for an explanation.

The evidence is growing. The 34-year-old recently let her fans know on Instagram that she will stay in Germany for the near future. The reason she gives is that new episodes are being shot for her TV documentary. Current Instagram stories are also likely to cause confusion. Because fans are sure that Daniela and Lucas are not in their own four walls, but in an apartment in Cologne. The city is the location of the ProSieben show. Coincidence? The cat has completely turned off your comment function. Maybe because fans have addressed their assumption in a number of comments? This could come true tonight.

Whether Daniela and Lucas are really under the animal costumes, the audience at “The Masked Singer”, always on Tuesdays, at 8:15 pm on ProSieben.

9. November

Michael Wendler: Did his manager force him to shut down Telegram?

After posting anger on the Telegram channel, in which he complained about his colleagues’ reluctance to take the corona measures, Michael Wendler, 48, drew a line last week.“I will discontinue my Telegram site today”, he wrote surprisingly on the news service and thanked everyone who stood by him.

The pop singer justified his decision by saying what was important to him and doing what he could. On his Telegram page he wrote: “Now you are called to make the world a better place and not just rely on others to do this work for you.”

The reasons for its surprising end could also be looked for elsewhere. Accordingly, manager Markus Krampe persuaded Michael Wendler to delete the account. As RTL learned, the manager got the “don’t care” interpreter to give in by giving him an ultimatum. “I’ve made it clear to Michael for a long time and very often that he absolutely has to end Telegram!” Confirmed Markus Krampe RTL. Krampe threatened to throw everything out if the 48-year-old doesn’t go along with him. Michael Wendler has recognized the seriousness of the situation and done his manager a favor. Presumably so as not to alienate his last helper.

8. November

Carmen Geiss shows XXL cleavage in a bikini

Carmen Geiss, 55, escaped the cold temperatures to Dubai. With her husband Robert Geiss, 56, she has a good time at 30 degrees. The couple spends this Sunday by the pool – and from there Carmen greets with a sexy snapshot. “I wish you all a peaceful and happy Sunday,” she writes in English. In the two accompanying photos, she can be seen in a bikini – and this allows deep insights. Carmen clearly focuses on the cleavage. Many like the sight. “Very nice picture, honey”, “You are beautiful” and “Great, respect!” are three of the positive comments. One observer, however, is surprised.

“What happened to your skin, Carmen?” she writes. A user replies: “This is your real skin. Without image processing. See the difference to the face. There is a lot of make-up on it.” Another woman steps in and says: “Almost all women with 50 have this type of skin. Me too … I don’t think that’s so bad.” Another agrees: “I also have freckles all over the place. So what. I don’t think it’s bad at all.” GALA says: That’s exactly how it is!

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Sources used: RTL, Instagram, n-tv.de


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