He took it seriously: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson broke down a door in his home

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The actor said, through his Instagram, that he had to tear down an electric gate that did not work because he was late for work.

There’s no denying that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is invested in the tough roles that made him famous. The actor revealed that had to break down a door metal from your own home.

He clarified that it was a metal gate that stopped working and was delaying him to get to work on time. This is what he told himself on his Instagram account. The situation occurred during uA power outage that prevented the electric gate from opening. And they were waiting for him on the set where it is filming Black Adam.

“It’s not my best, but a man has to go to work“he wrote next to the photo of the collapsed gate.” We suffered a power outage due to the severe storms these days, which caused my front door not to open, “he explained.

And he continued to elaborate on his story in great detail: “I tried to override the hydraulic system to open the door, which generally works when the power goes out. But this time it didn’t work. I called a technician but 45 minutes passed and I know there is hundreds of members of a production team waiting to start filming. So I did what I have to do“.

So that there would be no doubts, he detailed how he did to pull down the gate: “I pushed, pulled and i ripped the door off completely. I completely peeled it off the brick wall, cut the steel hydraulics, and tossed it onto the lawn. ”

And then he told how he followed the subject after the gate was ripped off. “My security team met with the technicians and the welders. They were incredulous and a little scared of what they saw. Definitely it was not my best moment. But I had to go to work, “he insisted.

“Now I am 100% ready to be Black Adam“He added in reference to the new character he plays in the film he is shooting.

Later, La Roca also shared a video that his security team made about the aftermath of the destruction of the gate. And it showed men working to repair it.

“Well, that’s how it turned out after I had to tear off the door to go to work. The video was made by my security people after I left. And in the other video you see the technicians and welders carrying one of the gates that I started and placing it very gently on the grass “, describes the actor on his Instagram.

In his second post, with the video, he explains again that he had to break the gate to be able to leave with the truck because he was arriving late for the filming in which many people were waiting for him. Adding some humor to it, he said, “Maybe next time I’ll jump out the door and call an Uber. No, no, actually, I’m not going to do it. That’s not fun.”

To close the subject that had him very busy and worried and that shared with his 198 million followers on the social network, he clarified: “Well, jokes aside, thanks to the technicians and welders who mobilized very quickly in the morning to come and take care of this destruction.” And he added an explanation about his reaction: “Thank you gentlemen. It was one of those days when i wasn’t in the mood. It has happened to all of us sometime, “she concluded.

Johnson, 48, honors his origins as a professional wrestler, an activity he continued to maintain in parallel while he began his acting career with which he garnered millions of fans.



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