He teases Annemarie with a funny comparison

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Wayne Carpendale makes fun of his wife Annemarie’s style with his latest post on Instagram. He compares her to a fashion icon of a special kind.

As the saying goes: what teases, loves each other! Wayne Carpendale, 43, and his Annemarie, 42, confirm this wisdom again and again! The dream TV couple is known for their funny posts on Instagram in which they poke fun at each other. So also in Wayne’s latest posting.

Wayne Carpendale: Instagram post compares Annemarie with Borat

The actor shares a funny photo comparison with his almost 220 thousand followers. On one side you can see his wife Annemarie, who is wearing a black body and cool jeans. In addition, film character Borat (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) can be seen in his iconic “Mankini”. The father of the two-year-old Mads writes: “It’s good that my wife orientates herself on the fashion icons of our time – luckily she is not quite as hairy.” Because Annemarie’s black body is cut high, some skin flashes out on her hips – a trend that fashion icons like Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian have already worn.

Wayne’s (celebrity) followers think it’s funny

Among the many amused commentators there are also some prominent voices, for example Alec Völkel from “The BossHoss” writes: “Haha … was exactly my thought”, and presenter Viola Weiss wishes: “I would like you in that outfit too see.” BS family Carpendale

Under the same photo of this look on her profile, her female followers are particularly enthusiastic and shower the 42-year-old with compliments and ask about her jeans and the body. Her husband doesn’t seem to care that Annemarie is trendy with her outfit.

The Carpendale family are happy to provide private insights

Howard Carpendale’s son and the “tough” face have been married since 2013 and regularly inspire people on social media with their humorous manner, the many jokes and the glimpses into their private happiness. We are curious what Annemarie will come up with as a revenge!


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