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Michael Wendler shook the media world when he announced on Thursday evening that he wanted to get out of DSDS due to the current corona policy of the federal government. Now he has spoken for the first time after the scandal via Telegram. And his statements shock.

Michael Wendler, 48, speaks for around twelve minutes to his followers via his newly launched Telegram channel. There are already over 64,000, he says. And most of them get to hear what the musician started on Thursday evening via Instagram: He spreads his crude conspiracy theories. And he announces that he is looking forward to a public dispute with RTL.

Michael Wendler takes on the fight against RTL

Michael Wendler was only introduced as a new member of the DSDS jury in August of this year, had previously had his private life filmed for a TVNow documentary, wanted to share his wedding with the world on RTL – now the complete about-face. Since the absurd remarks by the Schlager Bard on Thursday evening, it is clear: Michael Wendler and RTL are no longer doing something together. Even more. They should soon face each other as bitter opponents. It could even go to court. The Cologne private broadcaster has already announced that it will take legal action against the interpreter. This is exactly what Wendler reacts to in his twelve-minute address to Telegram.

Wendler is looking forward to litigation with RTL

In addition to all sorts of crude anti-corona statements and wild conspiracy theories, Michael Wendler shoots in his twelve-minute speech against Jörg Graf, the managing director of RTL Television. He had previously clearly distanced himself from Michael Wendler

The live wedding will definitely not take place on RTL. Michael Wendler terminated our contract independently and without consulting and denigrated RTL. We will examine and exhaust all legal means available to us.

Michael Wendler, however, is unimpressed by the many consequences his actions have. “I lost DSDS – so what? I lost millions of advertising deals – so what? I don’t care”says the “don’t care” interpreter provocatively. He doesn’t even ask why, because “if you don’t wake up now, there will soon be no more ‘normal'”, he says. He calls for people to turn away from the mass media because they are in line. That is exactly what he is denouncing.

He feels the legal consequences are ridiculous, he is looking forward to the legal battle with RTL, he says, after all, he is a fighter. The recent developments could not harm him, because: “Nobody can break me. Nobody. No Jörg Graf from RTL who wants to incite his lawyers on me. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll make the fight public.”

One cannot quite believe what Michael Wendler is saying. Not even his closest confidants can do that anymore – his manager called him “sick”, his mother Christine cannot understand what is happening with her son either. But as absurd as his theories and statements are, he seems to mean them seriously. Does it cost him what it may …

Source used: Telegram


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