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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Michael Wendler announces Telegram-Aus +++ Laura Müller has lost almost all cooperation partners +++ Adeline Norberg gives her grandma a basket.

Celebrity News 2020: All news and developments in the GALA ticker

5. November

Michael Wendler announces Telegram off

Now Michael Wendler, 48, is apparently running out of strength. After posting anger on the Telegram channel yesterday, the pop singer is now finally drawing a line.“I will discontinue my Telegram site today”, he writes to the news service and thanks everyone who stood by him.

There is a reason for this decision. Michael Wendler announced that he said what was important to him and that he did what he could. On his Telegram page he writes: “Now you are asked to improve the world and not just rely on others to do this work for you.”

© screenshot telegram michael wendler official

Laura Müller’s husband, 20, complained yesterday about the reluctance of his colleagues. It remains to be seen whether Wendler can look forward to feedback this time.

4. November

Michael Wendler freaks out on Telegram

Instagram users have been waiting for this for days: Michael Wendler, 48, made a statement. The 48-year-old justifies his behavior in more than 50 stories, but also rows back. The pop singer apologizes, especially at RTL. The station itself is unimpressed and posted a tweet saying that there are currently “so many important issues”. These would include Vienna, Corona and the presidential election in America. But: “Wendler’s Instagram story is not one of them.” The fans celebrate the tweet online.

Michael Wendler himself, on the other hand, shouldn’t feel like partying at all. The pop singer is now on Telegram. And there can be no talk of prudence and insight. Wendler ventures his anger and shoots at his colleagues. “I rose up as one of the few artists and expressed my opinion on the unbearable measures taken by the federal government!” He introduces his anger post. “There are thousands of artists who simply remain silent,” he criticizes the reluctance of his colleagues. “It cost me everything! Everything !!!”

Michael Wendler on Telegram
Michael Wendler on Telegram
© Screenshot/Telegram/Michael Wendler

Michael Wendler sees himself as “selfless” and declares that he “sacrificed it for other people”. However, he probably stopped posting his anger out of his own interest …

3. November

Laura Müller has lost almost all of her cooperation partners

Michael Wendler made a statement. One thing is particularly important to Michael Wendler in his long speech, the stressful situation for his wife.

Michael Wendler stated in his statement that he felt it was “extremely bad” what happened to his wife Laura, who works as a self-employed influencer and “has nothing to do with his statement”. “Laura has lost almost all of the companies,” said the singer. He cannot understand the motives. Laura is “an independent person with his own opinion,” said the 48-year-old. She was “completely apolitical”, had “no big opinion of her own” about the measures and always stuck to the guidelines. His wife has nothing to do with his statements, he clarifies.

After all, one company still holds on to Laura. Wendler thanks him for this statement in his speech and enthuses: “A company with backbone and decency”. Hopefully, after this long video message, things will look better for both Laura and Michael Wendler.

2. November

Adeline Norberg gives her grandmother a basket

Even his mother Christine cannot understand the current development of Michael Wendler, 48. “I don’t know why he’s suddenly out of the picture,” she said in an interview with RTL, thereby distancing herself from her son. Christine is now particularly concerned about granddaughter Adeline Norberg, 18.

Michael Wendler’s mother has now publicly tried to contact Adeline. Under the latest Instagram post showing the students on a bench in the dark, writes Grandma Christine: “Hello my sweetie, chic as always. Even as a child, you had a great taste for dressing up.”

But this comment seems to bounce off Adeline. While she diligently replies to other Instagram users, the young woman does not leave her grandma a message. Who knows, maybe she chose the better way: namely, the private one.

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