When Violet Ward, who lives near Manchester in central England, quarreled with her husband, Michael, she decided to move in for a while with her grandfather, who lived a few miles from them. She waited for her husband to leave home, then jumped home to gather her personal belongings.

However, her mother-in-law, who lived next door, called her husband, who raged home to return to the news. Unable to find his wife at home anymore, he set off after him on the highway.

He zigzagged between the cars, well exceeding the speed limit, until he finally caught up with the woman. He drove his van to his wife’s car at a speed of 115 km / h, then overtaken him and forced him to stop with emergency braking – all on a weekday, in the early evening, in rush hour traffic.

Miraculously, neither they nor others were injured during the life-threatening maneuvers. However, the court did not take this into account in its deliberations, nor the fact that the couple with three children have since reconciled, they are living together again, and the wife withdrew her complaint. The man was sentenced to 10 months suspended prison sentence, to undergo 20 days of rehabilitation and to pay £ 250 in procedural costs, and was barred from driving for one year.