He made 100,000 euros in two minutes, but lives in a caravan: that’s the explanation

One of the most appreciated athletes of the moment is Jimmy Crute, only 24 years old. Although he is rich, the young man decided to lead a modest life.

With 100,000 euros you buy a decent house in many cities in Romania, I’m not even talking about an apartment. Jimmy Crute won 100,000 euros in just 2 minutes in a recent UFC fight. He defeated Modestas Bukauskas and many perceive Crute as the new star of this very aggressive sport.

However, beyond the fact that chosen to make a career in this sport in which he risks his life, Crute has some unusual principles of life.

The young Australian refuses to buy any real estate and does not even want to rent. Although he has a lot of money, his life is in a caravan with his girlfriend. Many appreciate that it is unlikely to change their rebellious lifestyle, accordingly Digi Sport.

Even though he earned 100,000 euros in two minutes, when asked why he was not moving into an apartment, Jimmy Crute’s answer was simple. “I hate to pay rent!”, Said the athlete. “I am an enthusiast of the life lived in a caravan. That’s how I lived before the pandemic. I hate paying bills, I hate paying rent, “continued the Australian fighter, according to The Sun.

“I don’t care if it seems normal to some or not. I don’t care what people think of me. I’m just doing what I want, “Crute said in a very serene manner. As a reference, Crute lives in a caravan with access to water and solar energy.

After beating Bukauskas, Jimmy Crute sent a message to Dana White, the head of the UFC, telling him that he was ready for stronger matches, among the best fighters. The Australian was born in Singleton, Australia and comes from a family of boxers. He did sports from the age of four, took karate classes, and at the age of eight he started judo. Since the age of 19, he has been competing in the UFC, where he has 13 victories and one defeat.


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