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France, terrorized. The man shot dead near Avignon was part of a far-right anti-Muslim group

This is the Identity Movement, a well-known anti-Muslim group with members throughout Europe.It also has a youth faction called Generation Identity. A local police...

The History of the White House: Presidents, Reforms and Other Fun Facts

The White House It is the residential building and the main workplace of the President-elect of the United States during his tenure. It...

Record 700-kilometer congestion on Paris exits before midnight crown closure

In France, a tight interest rate cut between midnight on Thursday and Friday took effect. People are destined to stay in their homes...

New Zealanders voted to legalize euthanasia and said “no” to cannabis

65.2% voted to legalize assisted death in the case of people with terminal illnesses, after several campaigns in this regard, supported by politicians from...

Modern Company is preparing the global launch of its -COVID-19 vaccine

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company said it is discussing with the World Health Organization's COVAX initiative a multi-level pricing proposal for the potential vaccine, now...

Audi has developed an optical package to match the driving dynamics of the two-liter, 245-horsepower, 370 Nm turbo engine and seven-speed S-Tronic transmission with Audi TT 45 TFSI.

The new S Line Competition Plus trim level is available with both coupe and convertible bodies, but will only be available with front-wheel drive until the first quarter of 2021.

The long name is no coincidence, as it is a combination of two existing equipment packages: the S Line features custom bumpers, a grille, side air intakes, sills and a diffuser, accompanied by glossy black decor elements that appear everywhere in the car.

The most spectacular, of course, is the (also black) fixed rear wing, which replaces the basic model’s openable, concealable spoiler. The convertible model has a black canvas roof and black roll-over frame, while the coupe’s darkened rear glazing reinforces the gloomy look. The wheels are also black – 19 inches as standard and 20 inches as an option. Red, on the other hand, is the caliper.

The chassis is seated 10 mm lower than in the standard S Line versions. LED headlights are optional. The car is available in blue, red and white, and Chronos-gray is fourth, a brand new hue in the history of the Audi TT. The four rings are black in all cases.

The S Line package also provides the basis in the passenger compartment. The sports seats start with leather / Alcantara upholstery, but can also be requested in Nappa leather. Both the floor console and the door panel have been partially upholstered in leather, the cut-bottom steering wheel is made more combative by contrasting stitching and a center position indicator.



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