“He is a warrior, he will come out of this”

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In the vigils at the doors of hospitals there are usually bouquets of flowers and candles, people who meditate with concern or invoke divine mediation to wish a speedy recovery to their loved one. This is not the case with the vigil organized by the followers of Donald Trump at the gates of hospital Walter Reed de Bethesda (Maryland), where the President of the States has been admitted for four days for coronavirus. This Monday morning, 50 people are waving flags and shouting campaign slogans. Music blasts with more concert-like decibels, from ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ to ‘Paint in Black’. A party to which the cars that pass in front of the entrance join with their horns. Some make the sign of victory, others the comb with their finger.

For Ellen Gifford, it is her second day outside the military hospital. The president’s campaign brought them pizzas and cookies on Saturday. There is no lunch this morning, but his followers have not lost their triumphalist spirit, far from the despair that spreads in the Republican Party after the contagion of Trump and his Praetorian Guard less than a month before the elections. “If he can’t hold rallies, we bring the rally to the doors of the hospital,” says the 63-year-old hairdresser from Baltimore. “I love Trump, he’s the best. He’s helping us turn the country around after the Democrats turned it over to socialism. Those ideas are not for us. We are a capitalist society, we love freedom. “

Gifford does not carry mask, like many others who cheer Trump at the door. “I don’t think I was acting reckless. Wearing a mask is a personal choice. Not even the scientists know if it is effective “, affirms denying the scientific consensus. Daniel Granzo also disagrees on the effectiveness of the mask and walks without it among the crowd, with a T-shirt of Trump portrayed as ‘Terminator’.” I’ll be back “, According to his legend, this 20-year-old student does believe that the White House must have made a mistake in light of the cascade of positives for covid-19 that are rampant in his environment.

Accusations against China

“My mother has been out of work for four months. We need to reopen the economy as soon as possible. Until the Chinese virus arrived, our economy was buoyant,” says Granzo. Very close to him, several supporters of Asian origin hold up banners accusing the Chinese Communist Party of having manufactured Covid-19, another of the arguments suggested by Trump. “The Chinese Army created the virus to destroy the American people. They have lied to the world, they are murderers,” says Su Wing, a pensioner from New York. He was not there on Sunday when Trump skipped his quarantine to greet his followers from a car driven by the secret service, but he plans to spend the day in front of the hospital to cheer him if he is discharged.

Alongside the Trump 2020 flags, there are also emblems of the Tea Party, posters of “Jesus loves you” and scribbled messages from thanks, love and good wishes for your recovery. Teresa Rodríguez carries a banner of “Women for Trump,” a population group that has moved away from the Republican in polls. “The president is a warrior, he will come out of this,” he affirms with conviction. “People look up to him because he has what we all want to have: a beautiful family, a sense of humor and incredible wealth. And all of that has been sacrificed for us.” The truth is that he was almost broke when he entered politics, this journalist tells him. “These things happen, there are ups and downs in life, it happens to anyone,” says Rodríguez.



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