He has a new king in the WTCR

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Rubber poker with unexpected Argentine success

In the morning, unlike on Saturday, it was not the fog but the condensed one that joked the field, stirring the rubber strategy at the same time. There were those who put slick tires on both axles, but there were also those who, even at the risk of possible overheating, decided to ask for rear tires. The camp of the latter was strengthened by the Argentine couple of Münnich Motorsport – and how well they did!

We saw amazing first laps in the opening race, the biggest winners of the turmoil were Néstor Girolami and Esteban Guerrieri. Starting from 11th place, Girolami took the lead with a spade pack, and after two laps, Guerrieri, who started from the 16th starting block, also drove in third place behind his teammate, who soon caught up. However, the order could not stay that way, they also felt in the Münnich garage that this might be a good chance for Guerrieri to carve at his disadvantage.

But the two Honda not only hung from the pursuit ball, but also tore apart. Nevertheless, the position change was postponed until the last lap, with the added risk of Tiago Monteiro falling out of seventh place in the penultimate lap with a torn right front wheel. Eventually the safety car didn’t come, but in the final lap, Girolami almost stopped on the track to be able to let Guerrieri in front of him as a good teammate.

Guerrieri thanked him for not holding for a moment that this success had in fact belonged to Girolami, but reduced his gap from 31 to 16 points against Ehrlacher, who finished sixth, despite unfavorable rubber tactics, Gilles Magnus, Nathanaël Berthon and behind the resounding Mikel Azcona, who was “only” able to switch to the top3 starting position for valuable points.

After an unconscious start, the Guerrieri-Girolami couple worked together to teach.

The Hungarians were quite cursed at the beginning of the first race: Michelisz practically remained standing at the start, closed without a point. For Attila Tassi, at least the sequel went well, he climbed from 20th to 10th place, Bence Boldizs also lagged behind in scoring, and Gábor Kismarty-Lechner, his birthday, did not finish with the third Zengő Cup.

He stays in a family

Yvan Muller was able to start from the lead in the early afternoon in the reverse grid, second race. When the red lights went out, the four-time world champion produced a clean start, just as Norbert Michelisz retained his second place. But it soon became clear that Hyundai didn’t have the momentum it did in the last two years to stop rivals.

The championship, meanwhile, was already decided in the first lap, and in the middle field it was difficult for the competitors to understand each other again – four of them tried to turn in the same turn combination at the same time. Although the resounding pilot was subsequently punished, it is clear that Bence Boldizs had to agree to the brake because of Attila Tassi in front of him, to which Guerrieri, however, could not react, so he completely trafficked the Cupra, cutting off all his championship chances.

Muller won with no embarrassment, not even the safety car’s entry into the track broke his momentum, which came as a result of the smoking of Néstor Girolami’s Honda in lap 9. Michelisz set his best result this year, finishing fifth despite the fact that oil from the i30 started leaking again in the last lap.

Meanwhile, with second place, Jean-Karl Vernay secured the WTCR Trophy with Alfa Romeo, meaning independent evaluation, with Azcona standing on the podium again at home, keeping Magnus behind. Behind Michelisz,

Yann Ehrlacher was again named sixth, making him the WTCR 2020 champion.

WTCC / WTCR champions so far:

2020: Yann Ehrlacher (francia)
2019: Norbert Michelisz (Hungarian)
2018: Gabriele Tarquini (Italian)
2017: Thed Björk (Swedish)
2014-2016: José María López (Argentine)
2013: Yvan Muller (france)
2012: Rob Huff (brit)
2010-2011: Yvan Muller (france)
2009: Gabriele Tarquini (Italian)
2008: Yvan Muller (france)
Andy Priaulx (brit)

So Yvan Muller’s nephew became the youngest winner in the series at the age of 24, and Cyan Racing Performance Lynk & Co also secured the team title.

“God, that’s incredible! That is why I will be grateful for the rest of my life! Thanks guys” He said, struggling with tears on the team radio Ehrlacher, then he continued his thoughts in the parc fermé, in impromptu interviews.

“What a day! I got up every morning and lay down every night thinking about that day. I am extremely grateful to everyone who supported me. It’s amazing, I can’t believe it! ”

There is a new king of the WTCR 3

In addition to Michelisz, Tassi and Kismarty-Lechner also finished as scorers, the former in 8th place and the latter in 13th place.

Rookie victory in the end

Santiago Urrutia could have started the last dance, as well as the first, from the lead. Cyan Racing rookie as well as Ehrlacher, who was crowned the new champion, retained the first two places after the start, behind them Berthon finished third, but the Belgian soon fell back in the field with the Comtoyou-Audi.

The duo of Urrutia and Ehrlacher even stepped off the field, essentially nothing and no one was dangerous for Uruguay’s first WTCR success. In third place was Jean-Karl Vernay, in fourth was Yvan Muller – the latter jumped to second place in the league, while the alpha inherited third place afterwards.

There is a new king of the WTCR 4

Urrutia crowned his debut year with a victory.

At Münnich Motorsport, they tried to save what could be saved so that Esteban Guerrieri would have at least a compound podium. To this end, even Attila Tassi was relegated from seventh place, but Guerrieri was penalized for the five-star star, which was in vain for Hungarian team play, as expected, for successively exceeding the boundaries of the field.

With Tassi standing aside, Michelisz advanced to seventh place, while he finished tenth. Among the riders of Zengő Motorsport, Azcona and Boldizs scored points, finishing in 5th and 16th place, respectively (because Luca Filippi with the free card is not entitled to score points, despite becoming the 12th).

Tassi became the best Hungarian

There were radical changes at the end of the season, as far as the championship podium was concerned, behind Ehrlacher Muller, Vernay and Guerrieri were in order. Among the Hungarians, Attila Tassi, who also won two podium finishes, finished in the most outstanding place: he was 12th in the composite with around 100 points, Michelisz was 13th in 93rd place, and for the first time in his WTCC / WTCR career, he closed a season without a podium. .

Among the Hungarian newcomers to Zengő Motorsport, Boldizs finished 18th with 35 units and Kismarty-Lechner 20th with 20th.

There is a new king of the WTCR 5

The final result of the WTCR 2020 season:

1. Yann Ehrlacher (Cyan Racing Lynk & Co, Lynk & Co, francia) 234 pont
2. Yvan Muller (Cyan Racing Lynk & Co, Lynk & Co, francia) 195
3. Jean-Karl Vernay (Mulsanne Srl, Alfa Romeo, francia) 194
4. Esteban Guerrieri (ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport, Honda, argentin) 188
5. Gilles Magnus (Comtoyou Racing, Audi, belga) 172

7. Mikel Azcona (Zengő Motorsport, Cupra, Spanish) 168

12. Tassi Attila (ALL-INKL.DE Münnich Motorsport, Honda, Hungarian) 100
13. Norbert Michelisz (BRC Hyundai N LUKOIL Squadra Corse, Hungarian) 93

17. Boldizs Bence (Zengő Motorsport, Cupra, Hungarian) 35

20. Gábor Kismarty-Lechner (Zengő Motorsport, Cupra, Hungarian) 17

The next season starts at the Hungaroringen

A preliminary timetable for the 2021 season has been made public before the Aragonese weekend. Hopefully the coronavirus epidemic also wants us not to have to wait another 10 months for the new season, but it will still be a long time until May. If all goes according to plan, the WTCR will start at the Hungaroring next year, on May 14-16.

Electricity will play an important role in touring cars next year, as the Pure ETCR will be launched in 2021. Norbert Michelisz also took the Hyundai Veloster N ETCR to the track at this weekend’s live show:

Source: TCR Media, Vezess

Image source (s): DPPI / FIA WTCR Media



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