A total of nine people have been arrested by French police in a case in which a 47-year-old history teacher was brutally killed on the street. The homicide took place on Friday afternoon at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a suburb of Paris.

The detainees are mostly related to the perpetrator. The perpetrator himself tried to visit him on top of the police who arrested him, after which the police shot him. The man later died at the hospital.

The suspect was 18 years old and was born in Moscow. According to the legal source of the news agency AFP, the man had a Chechen background, ie from the Muslim regions of the Caucasus in Russia.

President Emmanuel Macronin according to it, the act involved the hallmarks of an “Islamist terrorist attack”. French counter-terrorism prosecutors are investigating the act as a murder linked to a terrorist organization.

Senator Bruno Retailleau told Europe 1 that the teacher had been threatened for days.

The motive for the act is suspected to be related to a previous teaching situation in which the teacher had shown cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his fourth-graders.

He had previously asked Muslim students to leave the class so as not to offend them.