Hauge about the Milan link: – I’m going on a trip

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Several Italian media write on Monday night that Bodø / Glimt’s Jens Petter Hauge (20) is ready to sign for Milan. VG has sources that only details remain before Hauge becomes teammate with Zlatan Ibrahimovic (38).

VG was in contact with Hauge late Monday night. When asked if he will go to Milan on Tuesday, the answer was:

– I’m going on a trip tomorrow. It will be a trip and then we will see what the next few days bring, says Hauge.

He was currently at Belgian Cercle Brugge


– After the Cercle stuff, I have learned that I will not take anything in advance. It has already been shown once this year.

– Are you looking forward to going on a trip?

– Of course I do. We’ll see what the next few days bring. I know nothing yet, so we’ll just see, says the 20-year-old, who was taken out in Lars Lagerbäck’s A national team squad on Monday.

As far as VG understands, Hauge has decided to say yes to Milan, and that the plan is for the Glimt favorite to sign a long-term contract of either four or five years.

The clubs are in the final phases of the negotiations, as Hauge is allowed to travel to Milan, and the price will be around five million euros, ie over 50 million kroner, which has also announced.

As far as VG knows, the interest from Milan should not have come until June. But after Hauge’s phantom performance against Milan in the Glimts at the San Siro in the Europa League qualifiers, the Italians became far more specific in their approach. After this came the offer that the Glimt management now says yes to.

In all probability, Hauge has thus played his last match for Bodø / Glimt in this round. Previously, both the player himself, agent Atta Aneke and Bodø / Glimt have launched the possibility that Hauge will be sold in this transfer window, but to the supreme league leader in the Elite Series.

But that does not happen with the transition that is now on the stairs. It also suggested the lightning wing even after the match.


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