Eoin Bradley has been punished with one of the most surreal sanctions that are remembered in the world of football, since they have imposed a six-game penalty for urinating on the grass in the middle of the game.

The forward of the Coleraine FC, who plays in the Northern Irish Premiership, starred in the incident during the clash against the Ballymena United corresponding to the semifinals of Northern Ireland Cup which was played at the end of July in Belfast and decided on penalties in favor of Ballymena.

Bradley himself opened the scoring 0-1 in the first half, but both Kenneth Kane in the 94th minute he made the crash go into extra time.

It was then, during the coach’s talk Oran Kearney, when the striker took the opportunity to move slightly and peeing on the Windsor Park lawn.

Despite the 36-year-old striker relieving himself in the most sneaky way he could, the ‘BBC 2’ cameras they captured the moment that sparked the controversy and that it has cost him a six-game penalty.

The attacker argued that I did not know if I could enter the services of the stadium due to the restrictions established due to COVID-19, which did not prevent a punishment for “misconduct” for violating Article 17 of the Statutes of the Irish Football Association (IFA).

As if that were not enough, the player was harshly criticized on social media for his behavior, since the images of the event provoked a wave of comments recriminating his behavior.