The coronavirus pandemic is also punishing football’s big clubs with a tough hand.

According to ESPN Manchester United has made during the past half year already over EUR 82 million in losses. Losses are likely to exceed £ 100 million by the end of the year, or around € 109 million.

The biggest reason for the drastic financial losses is playing in empty stands. The Premier League was put on break in March due to a coronavirus pandemic, and no comedy fans have been seen in the stadiums.

According to an ESPN source, United will lose about € 4.4-5.5 million each time it plays at home in Old Trafford for empty stands. The team has played seven home games without an audience so far.

If last season had gone on normally, United would also have had two Europa League home games. All nine games combined, the club has lost up to € 49 million in ticket revenue.

Old Trafford has a capacity of 73,000 spectators. If the entire season begins to be played in camera, the losses from season card sales alone could be around € 41 million for United.

The British government had plans to let the public into the stadiums on 1 October. However, the coronary virus situation in the island state has deteriorated, so the plans were abandoned. That means more losses for clubs.

In addition, the Premier League clubs will have to reimburse at least EUR 22 million to the holders of financial TV rights because the season did not go according to plan in the spring.

According to ESPN, the gloomy economic situation is the reason why United has so far only acquired one player with the transfer window open. The club acquired Donny van de Beekin Ajax with a transfer amount of EUR 43.7 million.