Actor Harrison Ford, 78, caused a threatening situation at a small airport in California in the spring. The plane, piloted by Pilot’s Knight Ford, crossed the runway at the same time as another plane was about to land.

The planes were about a thousand meters apart and there was no danger of a collision. According to the voice recording, the air traffic controller instructed Ford to stay off the runway due to other traffic. When Ford disobeyed, the air traffic controller’s tone became louder.

– Now cross the runway. I told you to stay out of there. You have to listen.

Ford replied that he had misunderstood the previous command.

– Sorry, I thought it was the other way around. I’m really sorry.

Ford issued its own statement on the incident through its representative.

– Ford crossed the airport’s only runway after hearing air traffic control instructions incorrectly. He noticed his mistake right away and apologized, the statement said.

The US Civil Aviation Authority has now closed its investigation into the case, People news. Ford was passed for further training as a result of the incident. He had to take a course on the rules of running on the runway. Ford passed the course and is allowed to continue flying.

Ford has a permit to fly for small aircraft and a helicopter.

He also has previous aviation-related blunders in his account. In 2015, Ford had to visit the flying trees. An old small plane he was driving soon after a takeoff had an engine failure, and the plane crashed into a golf course in Los Angeles. He was injured in the crash himself, but fortunately no other personal injuries followed.

In 2017, Ford landed its small plane at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California, but the landing didn’t quite get to the button.

Instead of a runway, Ford mistakenly steered its plane onto the taxiway, crossing a passenger plane waiting dangerously close.

– I’m the jerk, which landed on a taxiway, a recording of the event by the Reuters news agency had received to hear.

The air traffic control had told Ford that this was not a very big concern.

– For me, the star had stated.