Mick Schumacher was close to making his debut in the F1 series last weekend, and not just in the role of a Friday tester. The case will be revealed by Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s F1 chief.

For the German AvD Motorsport Magazine Marko, who gave the interview, revealed that the coronavirus tests had caused headaches for several stables during the Eifel race weekend.

Hülkenberg is trusted

All those who enter the F1 depot will be tested several times over the race weekend to prevent the coronavirus from spreading among the formula crowd. Without a negative test result for the track area, not even drivers have anything to do with it.

Marko’s first revelation tells the story of Red Bull’s second driver Alexander Albonin had to tense their test result longer than normal.

The team already had time to prepare for the service of a possible replacement. The man got to drive, but in a different stable.

Red Bull was in touch Nico Hulkenbergiin.

– We talked to Nico as early as Friday, when Alex’s test result was still unclear.

In the future, the stable intends to better prepare for the need of a deputy driver. Sebastien Buemi will be involved in the track area in all the end-of-season competitions.

– We have four drivers and Korona. We need to be prepared.

Hülkenberg has driven three races this season, having replaced both Racing Point drivers during the season. Sergio Perez suffered from corona, malaise Lance Strollin the test result was negative.

Close to Schumacher

Marko also reveals Alfa Romeo in an interview Antonio Giovinazzin had to get excited about their test result. The stable was ready to lift Kimi Räikkönen alongside a name that would certainly have electrified the atmosphere of the race weekend.

– Antonio’s first test was not clean. Mick was very close to making his GP debut, Marko reveals.

Mick Schumacher is expected to be Alfa Romeo’s second race driver for next season. Along with the 21-year-old German, 40-year-old Räikkö has been strongly deported.