Harald from Norway has been discharged after his heart operation

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The 83-year-old Nordic king was operated on Friday to change a valve that had been placed in 2005

After three days admitted to a hospital in Oslo for heart surgery, King Harald of Norway, 83, has been released. As reported by the real home from the Nordic country, the operation has been successful and the sovereign left the center on October 12, although he will go on medical leave for the rest of the month.

The royal palace announced Thursday that Harald would be intervened just a day later. The reason was the replacement of an artificial valve that had been placed in March 2005 during an open heart operation. These valves have a useful life of between 10 and 15 years and “therefore, it is not unusual for them to be renewed after a certain time,” the Norwegian royal house explained in a statement, which also explained that the monarch would be operated with anesthesia local and that therefore he would stay awake throughout the intervention, which was to be performed from the groin.

This operation by the King of Norway has been relatively mild, but requires a certain recovery that will keep him resting for a few weeks. Meanwhile, it will be his son Haakon who is in charge of carrying out the tasks that usually correspond to his father. This change is something that is done normally in the Norwegian royal house and has become common in recent years; in fact, at some point even Princess Marta Luisa performed these tasks.

In fact a year ago, in an interview with the NTB, the country’s news agency, Haakon from Norway recounted how he assumed his duties in the moments of his father’s absence. “So far, I think we have managed the work quite well together. I look at it as if we were a team. We distribute the work to achieve the best possible result ”, affirmed the heir at the time. “I think we will continue to do so in the years to come,” explained what is currently called “His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Regent.”

This is the second health problem that Harald has had in recent weeks, and apparently the two were associated. At the end of September, the king was admitted because of dizziness, motivated in turn by a respiratory condition, but not by coronavirus, as they hastened to clarify from the royal house. Apparently those problems had to do with the valve now replaced. “His Majesty the King has undergone regular check-ups and the evaluation we carry out shows that such an intervention is necessary to improve the King’s breathing,” explained his doctor in the statement prior to his operation, last week.

In March 2005, the monarch underwent surgery for a coronary problem due to a narrowing of the aorta, and in April of that year the operation was repeated. Two years earlier, December 2003, at the age of 66, he underwent surgery for bladder cancer

After a stable time, the last years have also been difficult for the sovereign. In November 2017, he suffered an infection that forced him to stay in hospital for three days. And last year, in December 2019, a virus forced him to spend a few days off the game as, again, Haakon took his place. Already in January of this year a series of dizziness forced him to go through the hospital again.


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