In the early 90s the role of Nintendo in the video game industry it was perfectly drawn. Not only is it credited with having rescued it from the 1983 crisis, but also proposing the third-party development model that continues to this day.

Those were achievements that the Big N achieved with the Famicom (Family Computer), the original name of the NES in Japan, so that into the 1990s the company had an undeniable advantage over the competition when it came time to launch the Super Famicom.

And to be in tune with the anniversary of the console, here below you will see some fun facts that maybe you didn’t know.

1. Super Famicom is the original name by which the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was known (SNES) in Japan.

2. Its original release in that country was on November 21, 1990. Later the August 23, 1991 already with the name SNES.

3. Super Famicom / SNES ultimately the bloody won console warfare 16-bit version that was fought between Nintendo and Sega, despite the latter releasing the Mega Drive in Japan in 1988 and in America in 1989 under the name Genesis, that is, it had a couple of years of temporary advantage.

4. Super Famicom hit the Japanese market at a price of 25,000 yen, which according to Money in time they are equivalent to 28,894 yen in 2020, which in turn corresponds to approximately 5,570 Mexican pesos.

5. Much of the triumph of Super Famicom on competition is attributed to having retained third-party developers like Capcom, Konami, Tecmo, Square and Koei.

6. Have secured the first version for game consoles Street Fighter II It is also considered one of the key points of the success of Super Famicom.

7. At the time of its release in Japan, Super Famicom It only had two titles: Super Mario World Y F-Zero.

8. The logo in colors of Super Famicom in Japan it obeyed the control buttons in that region. For the American version there was a redesign in gray and black.