Dancer and dance teacher Hanna Karttusen work took him earlier abroad sparsely that week. The epidemic changed everything.

– September was my first business trip since March, when I was in Naples for four days. There was a dance camp organized by the Italian Dance Federation.

Hanna has taken all the positives out of her exceptional time.

– It has been a great change to be at home and adopt such a home rhythm. And of course we are Jonen (Nikula) really enjoyed being together and the fact that we have been able to do things we don’t usually have time for.

Forced by the circumstances, the home was a job for both for a month.

– Our cats Rokka and Bassist watched our bustle in amazement. Jone talked about her radio broadcast on the screen from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Then I started training dance chores in the living room.

Many have wondered why Hanna has not been seen on MTV3’s Dancing with the Stars as a teacher. In 2004, she finished second in the British version of the success format as an EastEnders actress Christopher Parkerin with. In the Italian version, she danced in 2018.

– The format is absolutely brilliant, but challenging in terms of schedule. I have so many coaches abroad and at home that I feel a great responsibility towards. I would be happy to do so if it were possible on schedule.

Hanna’s husband Jone Nikula participated in the RTD program in 2006. In fact, the program united Hanna and Jone. In 2010, Jone was on the program as a visiting judge. At that time, Hanna came to meet her friend Marko Kerä, who worked as a dance teacher in the program.