Hands and penalties prevented the Molde recovery from winning

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(Molde-Ferencvaros 3–3) First 0–2, then 0–2 to 3–2 for Molde. But the great Champions League optimism was killed three minutes before the end, with the help of a hand and a penalty kick – against Molde.

– We will and should win this match, we run “the whole store” in the second half, Molde coach Erling Moe said in cash to Viasat right after the match. He was disappointed with the result, but he believes that Molde still has a good chance of getting into the Champions League.

– We go to Budapest to win, and we are capable of that, without a doubt, says Erling Moe – at least as cash and confident.

It looked gloomy at 0-2. Then the captain woke up, hit the corner to the reduction and then Magnus Wolff Eikrem (30) scored the equalizer himself. And finally, Martin Ellingsen headed in the Molde hope and thought would be the winning goal – from 13 meters away.

But then, just four minutes later, came the equalizer. Unfortunately for Molde.

– I do not understand the hand rule, says Erling Moe – then Ola Brynhildsen replaces the “handset” when he was shot at from a meter distance, on the edge of the 16-meter line.

The Champions League dream still lives on for Molde before the return leg in Hungary. 0-0 would have been better, due to the away goal rule, but at the position 0-2, Erling Moe and Molde had taken any result that was not a loss.

He got 3-3, after what became an exciting and partly good second half of Molde. The Hungarians, who seemed to have control of 0-2 after 52 minutes, completely lost control when Leke James reduced three minutes later. There were a bunch of corners, half chances – and eventually big chances.

And Magnus Wolff Eikrem’s equalizer after 65 minutes was of the beautiful kind, after a great Molde game.

– The second half was absolutely fantastic from Molde. And my score was very nice, beautifully set up by Fredrik Aursnes and Eirik Hestad, says Magnus Wolff Eikrem to Viasat after the match.

The catch was strong, and when Martin Ellingsen headed in Fredrik Aursnes’s dead ball after 83 minutes, it suddenly looked bright. But that did not quite hold up for Molde.

After a very weak first half, Molde took over completely after the break and had many enough opportunities to decide this match. But both a VAR decision that prevented a penalty kick and a somewhat strange cancellation shortly after, ensured that Molde did not get in the lead long enough in the 90 minutes the match lasted.


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