It is a matter of time that Lewis Hamilton win another world championship, and after his victory in the Emilia Romagna GP, in which his team has conquered the seventh in constructors consecutively, he can already do the math for his title.

The first option will be in the next Turkish GP, another of the circuits that return to the calendar due to the pandemic. Hamilton faces the first of four races remaining to end the 2020 season with 292 points per 197 the only one who, mathematically, can take away the title, Valtteri Bottas.

They are 85 points ahead with a maximum of 104 at stake (25 for each victory, plus 1 for each fastest lap). That means that the six-time champion will become seven-time champion. if you have at least 19 points In the remainder of the World Cup, whatever your partner does. In case of a tie, for the greatest number of victories, the British would win.

Hamilton will be proclaimed champion at the Turkish GP if:

  • Win.
  • He is 2nd and does the fastest lap.
  • He’s 3rd and Bottas isn’t 7th or better.
  • He is 3rd and Bottas is 8th, but he does not do the fastest lap.
  • He’s 4th and Bottas isn’t 6th or better.
  • He’s 5th and Bottas isn’t 4th or better.
  • He’s 6th, 7th or 8th and Bottas doesn’t finish on the podium.
  • It is 8th, Bottas finishes 3rd but does not do the fastest lap.
  • He is 9th and Bottas is not 1st or 2nd.
  • He is 10th or he does not score and Bottas does not win.

Will you retire?

One of the great unknowns that remain to be resolved for the 2021 Formula 1 season is whether Lewis Hamilton will continue or not. To this day he has no contract for the next season with Mercedes (or with any other team), and the driver himself already publicly admits that he is not clear if he will continue.

After Imola’s victory, he was questioned about it and left the door open for a retreat. “I would like to be here next year, but there is no guarantee of that, insurance. There are many things that excite me about life outside of Formula 1, so time will tell, “he told the media.