Hamilton wins after touché: ‘Verstappen didn’t give me room’

Lewis Hamilton has done a great service in the title battle. With a time penalty ‘only’ 10 seconds, the Mercedes driver defeated Max Verstappen, his title rival. Although Hamilton views it differently, it seems quite lenient from race management. “But regardless of my opinion on the penalty, it was taken on the chin.

Hamilton began the race for his people with a gap between Verstappen and Hamilton of 33 World Cup points. However, Hamilton has been able to bring that gap down to eight. This naturally leads to jubilation for the Brits and Mercedes. This is truly overwhelming. It was a physically demanding race, but I was supported by the best supporters in the world. It’s a dream come real to win today. My team and Valtteri would not have done this without their incredible work. [Bottas]It would not have been possible.”

Hamilton doesn’t care that this is a beauty award worthy of Hamilton. He didn’t allow me to be completely wrong. I took the punishment on the chin, regardless of my opinion. “I kept working hard and didn’t want anything to stop me from winning,” the seven-time world champion exults afterward. Max is extremely aggressive so I try to be as calculating as possible in my fights with him.

Copse corner was quiet. The almost inevitable touché between the title contenders is a fact, although it should be noted that overtaking on the inside of Copse Corner is almost impossible. Hamilton proved that after the battle with Charles Leclerc, he lifted briefly for a moment. The Ferrari driver went too wide on Copse exit, which Hamilton took advantage of. Together with a Valtteri bottas team order, it was a key win. “I gave it my all over the past week. I have been to the factory many times to get the best from the car. I’m proud of all my team members. They have persevered despite being a few steps behind.

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