Hamilton was not flagged after the collision with Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton is back in Formula 1’s title race with his fourth win in 2021. Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes trackside engineer, stated that the red flag following his collision with Max Verstappen was decisive in retrospect.

A direct duel was held for the first time between the two of them Max VerstappenOn Lewis HamiltonIt ended in tears. Things went wrong in the British Grand Prix first round. The title rivals did not want to be beaten since the lights went out. It was too much to ask to go side-by-side through Copse Corner. Verstappen was tapped by Hamilton at his right rear wheel, and Verstappen pushed hard into the tire stacks. Red Bull RB16B suffered extensive damage. Verstappen was then taken to a local medical facility for a checkup.

Hamilton seemed to have done little damage and won the British Grand Prix after paying a 10-second penalty. It would have been even closer if Hamilton had not reached the finish in his home race. “We had broken the rim at the left front contact. Shovlin spoke out a few hours later, saying that the race would have been cancelled if it hadn’t been stopped. Other than that, the damage to the race was minor. “The rest of the damage was actually remarkably minor. It was the tire temperature sensor that had become loose, causing it to wobble. It’s amazing that this is the most important and broken part of the front wings.

Collision with Verstappen inevitable

The code red is available MercedesHamilton’s W12 damage was therefore repaired. The seven-time world champion was then given a ten second penalty for Verstappen’s incident. He had to redeem it during his pit stop. Hamilton indicated that he was against the penalty, and Shovlin agreed with him. “We think the punishment was not justified. Lewis’s overtaking was not within the guidelines set by the stewards. We thought Max should have given him space to race.”

Shovlin also mentions Verstappen’s driving style which he describes aggressively. According to him, a collision was inevitable. “If you look at the sprint race and the first lap of the feature race, Lewis had to stop over and over to avoid a collision. Now, he was able position his car in a way that allowed him to leave the car. Max drives aggressively so it is almost inevitable that there will be an accident. We were pleased with Lewis’s race. There was some disappointment with the penalty, but we are relieved that he was able to win the race anyway.”

The F1 Update covers in detail the much-discussed collision


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