Lewis Hamilton wanted to respond to those people who continually They say he only wins because he has driven the best car of the entire grid since 2014. Mercedes knows that it is a recurring phrase in the world of Formula 1 and has spoken about it in ‘The Race’.

Hamilton assures that “it is not something pleasant to listen to, but it doesn’t make me angry“and highlights that” what I do know is that those people who sometimes say things like that or they make this type of comments they simply don’t know what they are talking about ”.

The six-time world champion and current leader of the F1 World Cup insisted because “sometimes in life in general we can give a wrong opinion about something when we don’t know the facts completely”And added that” I wish you could see the changes I made from day one, what I get involved to change, what I have helped, what I have done every year with the team to work with a group of people “.

Hamliton noted that “it is not a question of bosses, but of collaborate with a large group of people that they are incredibly intelligent, much more than I am “and he pointed out:” We all have these tools. It’s about how you use them, how you apply them. Do you let your ego get in your way? There are people who just don’t listen because there are times when the trees don’t let you see the forest. “

  • Sir Jackie Stewart, three-time F1 world champion, puts Hamilton in his place: “To say that he is the greatest of all time is difficult to justify”


Equal Michael Schumacher’s record for victories in the past Eiffel GP has triggered the comments about who is the better driver, a question that Hamilton did not avoid.

“There is a lot of talk in all sports about who is the best, past and present, and I think it is almost impossible to compare. They talk about who is and who is not and it is not important, “he explained. He also recalled that” for me the important thing is the trip, what we have done along the way, the obstacles that you have faced. And everyone has a different journey. “